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HANetf research head Tom Bailey on AI's impact on commodities

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Tom Bailey, head of research at HANetf, discussed the impact of AI on the commodities market. He noted that since 2023, AI has significantly influenced market investment, especially through big tech companies like Microsoft.

Bailey highlighted that AI's increasing energy demand, especially for AI data centres, necessitates a shift towards more robust power generation methods, including nuclear energy. He pointed out that nuclear energy is seen as a sustainable solution due to its low carbon emissions.

Bailey discussed the growing demand for commodities such as uranium and copper. He explained that AI data centres and the broader energy transition, including electric vehicles and renewable energy, drive this demand.

HANetf has developed ETFs focused on uranium and copper miners, through which investors can leverage these trends. Th broader Uranium Miners ETF, launched two years ago, includes major and minor players, while a more recent Junior Uranium Miners ETF focuses on smaller companies.

Additionally, the Copper Miners ESG ETF, which emphasises pure-play copper mining and includes an ESG screening element, has performed well.

Bailey concluded by noting the strong performance of these ETFs, with the Copper Miners ESG ETF up 35% year-to-date and the broad Uranium Miners ETF up 15%. He expressed optimism about the ongoing commodity supercycle driven by various factors, including the energy transition and industrial policy shifts.


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