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Helmet Catch Hero David Tyree on Tom Brady: His Ability is “Insane”

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David Tyree, the former wideout for the New York Giants, has spoken about his former rival Tom Brady in the lead-up to the 15-year anniversary of their iconic showdown. The Super Bowl XLII game would see the New England Patriots' undefeated and untied run come to an end, largely in part to Tyree’s staggering Helmet Catch play.

Before the catch, Tyree mostly played in specials games. He had only four receptions for 35 yards and had no touchdowns. He produced a stellar performance in Super Bowl XLII, catching a touchdown in the late stages of the game before catching Eli Manning’s 32-yard throw against his helmet with less than two minutes remaining.

The catch was instrumental in securing the Giants a match-winning touchdown. This would become Tyrell’s last catch in the NFL, and he retired after the 2009 season. In contrast, Tom Brady’s career has continued into the 2022 season. In a recent interview, Tyree expressed admiration for Brady’s talent. “It’s really insane when you think about it,” Tyree said. The former wideout mused about Brady’s almost inhuman talent, saying, “whether he has a mutant or a wolverine gene or something behind the TB12 products, I don’t know what’s going on. That dude’s insane, but he is that much of a high-level competitor.”

Tyree also reflected on the importance of the week 17 showdown between the Giants and Patriots and its relation to the Super Bowl game. “It was an opportunity to knock down a titan in like the 12th round, right? And so, we went for it… I should have scored a touchdown in that game.”

“I stumbled, and it tripped me up on the goal line.” He expressed his gratitude that he was “able to get that moment of redemption in the Super Bowl.” At the same time, Tyree acknowledged that their opposition, captained by Brady, were exceptionally good.

On Brady, Tyree added, “I have a lot of respect for him as far as just breaking any kind of trends and ideas about what’s possible at the position.” And while Tyree did acknowledge the “drop of a season” that Brady is having this year, he pointed out that “he’s still playing at a high level.”

To say that Tom Brady has had a difficult year would be an understatement. The star player’s private and professional life has been under much scrutiny since Brady announced that he would be retiring shortly after the Super Bowl in February. Then, within weeks, Brady reversed his decision and recommitted to another season.

Brady later announced that he would be divorcing his wife of 13 years, Gisele Bündchen. Despite the intense scrutiny of his life, there were high hopes for the quarterback to lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the next Super Bowl. To the frustration of many fans and pundits, Brady has failed to deliver.

The Buccaneers lost four matches in a row, which was the first time this happened for Brady since 2002. He also became the most sacked player in NFL history and the 45-year-old has been showing more evidence that the sport has taken a toll on his physical ability.


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