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Hillcrest Energy signs key partnership with BC Hydro subsidiary Powertech for Grid inverter testing

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James Bolen, the Chief Commercialization Officer of Hillcrest Energy Technologies, joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share exciting news about the company's collaboration agreement with Powertech Labs. Powertech Labs, a 100%-owned subsidiary of BC Hydro, is based in Surrey, British Columbia, and boasts over 200 employees. Under this agreement, Powertech Labs will provide testing and consulting services to support Hillcrest in the development and validation of its ZVS inverter technology for grid-connected applications.

Bolen expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing that partnering with Powertech Labs represents a significant step forward in bringing Hillcrest's grid inverter technologies to market. Leveraging Powertech Labs' state-of-the-art test facilities, experienced experts, and extensive industry relationships, Hillcrest aims to accelerate the development and validation process for its ZVS technology.

Hillcrest's ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching) technology is poised to set a new industry standard for grid-connected power inverters. With its focus on unparalleled efficiency, performance, and reliability, the ZVS technology promises to enhance power quality, minimize harmonics, and reduce current distortion injected into the grid. This improvement not only benefits grid operators by requiring less effort and reducing system costs but also provides strategic advantages in system design and operation, including improved energy output predictability and stability.

The collaboration with Powertech Labs represents a significant milestone for Hillcrest Energy Technologies as it progresses towards commercializing its innovative ZVS inverter technology and revolutionizing grid-connected applications. Watch the full interview for more insights into Hillcrest's partnership with Powertech Labs and the potential impact of its ZVS technology on the energy sector.



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