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Hive Digital Technologies Reports Strong Bitcoin Production and Operational Growth in April 2024

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Hive Digital Technologies Executive Chairman Frank Holmes joined Steve Darling from Proactive to disclose the company's Bitcoin production figures for April 2024. During this period, Hive Digital successfully mined 212 Bitcoins, increasing its total holdings by 4% to 2,377 Bitcoins. The company sustained a robust average mining capacity of over 4.9 Exahash throughout the month.

Holmes detailed that Hive Digital achieved an average of 43.6 Bitcoin per Exahash, with a consistent hashrate of 4.9 EH/s, noting an 8% increase in the monthly average hashrate. The firm also maintained a daily production rate of 7.1 BTC, underscoring its operational efficiency and robust performance.

This growth is in line with the company's strategic goals to meet the anticipated increased demand for Bitcoin, especially following the launch and approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs. Hive Digital remains focused on maximizing cash flow and return on invested capital per share, while carefully managing shareholder dilution. Holmes emphasized that this growth trajectory is not only on target as anticipated but is also driving significant increases in positive operating income.

HIVE emphasises ethical sustainability by exclusively using green energy for its mining operations and is expanding its footprint in artificial intelligence (AI) using Nvidia GPU chips. This dual approach supports its value proposition and infrastructure build-out in data centres, further enhancing its competitive edge in the industry.


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