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How Cboe's Hybrid Trading Model Bridges Past And Future

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By Cboe

The trading floor, or "the pit" as it’s often called, has been the heart of financial markets for decades. This bustling environment, where traders use shouts and hand signals to trade stocks and options, embody the energy and dynamism of the financial markets – from New York’s Wall Street to Chicago’s LaSalle Street. The pit is where the action happens with traders in colorful jackets representing different brokerages working hard to get the best prices for their clients amidst the seeming chaos.

Many of the once-treasured trading floors across the globe have been replaced by electronic trading, leaving many to believe the pit is a relic of the past. They would be wrong. There are several trading floors still in action today, including the largest options pit in the world at Cboe Global Markets, Inc. (Cboe: CBOE).

The Shift Toward Electronic Trading

Despite this widespread migration to electronic systems across the industry, some institutions, like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Cboe have chosen to maintain their trading floors. For Cboe, this decision was largely rooted in a recognition of the unique value that these physical spaces bring to the trading process, particularly for certain types of transactions. However, it’s important to note that the choice to hold onto trading floors wasn’t a battle against technological progress; it was a strategic decision to embrace the best of both worlds.

The advent of electronic trading revolutionized the finance industry, leading to incredible transformations many of us take for granted today. This shift brought about increased efficiency, reduced costs and greater accessibility to the markets for a broader audience. Advances in technology democratized the markets by providing investors with increased access to news, information, and educational resources, while also offering benefits such as enhanced speed of execution, cost savings, efficiency, stability, and scalability. These factors continue to drive the growth of the industry.

Cboe’s launch of the first all-electronic options exchange in 2000 represented a seismic shift in the trading landscape. However, rather than solely embracing electronic trading, Cboe pursued a hybrid model that preserved the benefits of both floor-based open outcry trading and electronic executions. This approach leveraged the expertise and liquidity concentrated on the trading floor.

Cboe's Commitment To Hybrid Trading

In June 2022, Cboe Global Markets reaffirmed its commitment to hybrid trading with a new, state-of-the-art trading floor in Chicago's historic Board of Trade Building. This move not only honors Cboe's origins as the first listed options exchange in the U.S. but also speaks volumes about its belief in the synergy between human expertise and electronic efficiency. The utility of open outcry trading remains significant for certain Cboe customers, particularly for executing larger, more complex orders and facilitating price discovery. While smaller retail orders often migrate electronically, larger institutional trades find open outcry more conducive. The hybrid model offers customers the flexibility to choose the most suitable method for order execution based on their preferences and requirements. This hybrid model ensures that Cboe can cater to the diverse needs of its customers, providing flexibility and precision in trade execution.

Embracing The Future While Honoring Tradition

Ultimately, Cboe's trading floor is much more than a physical space for transactions; it's a symbol of the company's dedication to innovation, customer service and the rich history of the trading industry. As the market evolves, the role of the trading floor has undoubtedly transformed, but its value, particularly in facilitating complex transactions and nurturing human connections, remains undeniable. As others close down their trading pits, Cboe's commitment to a hybrid trading environment uniquely positions it in the modern financial landscape. Its newfound flexibility leaves it ready to face the digital future while staying rooted in the traditions that have shaped the industry.

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