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How Digbee's assessments are shaping Asante Gold's future sustainability

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Digbee Limited founder and CEO Jamie Strauss and Asante Gold's executive vice president and country director Frederick Attakumah joined Proactive's Stephen Gunnion to discuss the impact of Digbee's assessments on Asante Gold's operations.

Attakumah highlighted how the second Digbee assessment has been crucial for Asante Gold in demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and environmental standards. The assessment has enabled the company to communicate its initiatives effectively to stakeholders, including regulators and community members, helping to strengthen its corporate responsibility.

Further, Attakumah outlined Asante's goals for the next 12 months, focusing on achieving zero harm in their operations, advancing their resettlement project, reviewing emergency and rehabilitation plans, and enhancing their climate resilience strategy. The transition to natural gas as a power source was noted as a significant step in reducing carbon emissions.

Strauss discussed the broader implications of sustainability for the industry, emphasising that it is not merely a compliance measure but a significant value-add and a way to protect the social license to operate. He noted that effective management and communication of sustainability initiatives could lead to higher company valuations and lower the cost of capital.



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