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How FiscalNote (NYSE: NOTE) Is Empowering AI Integration For Governing Bodies Around The World

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By Jad Malaeb, Benzinga

FiscalNote Holdings (NYSE: NOTE) is a leader in policy and global intelligence. By uniquely combining data, technology and insights, FiscalNote uses AI to empower customers with critical insights and the tools to turn them into action. The company bolsters its leadership in the public sector arena through strategic expansions that enrich its leadership team and amplify its global coverage, and empower AI integration for governing bodies around the world. This strategic approach signifies FiscalNote's continued commitment to providing holistic solutions for traversing intricate regulatory terrains.

At the core of this expansion lies FiscalNote's fortified global public sector leadership team. This augmented team amalgamates diverse expertise and a truly worldwide perspective, thereby positioning the company to proffer tailored regulatory insights and intelligence to clients across the globe.

Significantly, FiscalNote has forged a partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), attesting to the company’s acumen in delivering critical regulatory insights. This collaboration underscores FiscalNote's dedication to contributing significantly to global public health initiatives.

Further amplifying FiscalNote's dedication to excellence, several distinguished organizations have become recent clients:

  • Embassy of Japan in the U.S.

  • Embassy of Canada in the U.S.

  • Embassy of Pakistan in the U.S.

  • Ministry of Unification, Korea

  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United Arab Emirates

  • Armed Forces, Sweden

  • Europe Office (EU), Finland

  • A national parliament in the APAC region

One of the company’s most significant recently-announced partnerships has been with Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which agreed to collaborate on the use of FiscalNote’s proprietary data sets and enhanced AI capabilities to assist the Ministry with responding to shifts in domestic and international policy.

Josh Resnik, FiscalNote’s President and COO, said of the company’s global expansion focus, “Elected leaders, civil servants, diplomats, and governmental staff at all levels grapple with a tremendous amount of uncertainty, complexity, and volatility in every corner of the globe as they face an ever-growing set of policy challenges. FiscalNote continues to distinguish itself by serving as an essential, reliable, and critical partner to world’s most important decision makers who depend on our portfolio of AI solutions to deliver results.”

This announcement is one of the many FiscalNote has issued demonstrating its public sector growth. Since the first quarter of 2023, FiscalNote has signed global media and healthcare companies, global commercial companies and trade associations/NGOs into their long list of partners.

For an exhaustive overview of FiscalNote's strategic expansion initiatives and its esteemed partnerships, including collaborations with the World Health Organization and embassies, refer to the original press release available here.


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