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How To Bet Podcast Back and Better Than Ever New look for March Madness

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Have you learned about How To Bet yet?

With well over six-figure views, so many people have already been a part of the How To Bet phenomenon, as show hosts Daryl Fein and Sean “The Genius” Miller took the National Football League and NCAA College Football by storm in the second half of 2021 and into 2022.

But football is over (well, the USFL is back, but more on that in later releases), and now is the most exciting time of the year for college hoops fans.


 March Madness is upon us!

As hot as the dynamic duo were during football season, helping bettors pick winners at an almost absurd rate, there was no way they were going to let fans and bettors down by NOT showing up for this frenetic three-week run of games.

So, the How To Bet podcast is back, and it is better than ever. There will be two shows weekly: one to pick the Thursday-Friday games in the first round and Sweet 16, and another to pick the Saturday-Sunday contests in the Round of 32 and Elite Eight, plus one for the Final Four and one for the NCAA Championship Game, which will be played April 4 at at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, LA.

There are a few changes, though, to the format: there is a new face that will be on your screen–Nery Rodriguez– and the second show each week is going to be LIVE.

That is correct: How To Bet is going live once a week, to help get bettors up-to-date information in their quest to beat the bookies.

To say that the hosts are excited might be an understatement.

“The fall and winter were great,” Miller said. “I thought the format was good for the NFL games. But this is different: you obviously need to see which teams win on Thursday and Friday to be able to pick games on the weekend. You can’t project.

“Some of these other shows are taping one show for the week, and that is good for the first two nights–the First Round and the Sweet 16, as well as the Final Four semifinals–but what about those other games? They offer value to bettors, and we thought about how we could make it better for them. Live shows seemed to be the way to go, and now, we get to talk about March Madness twice a week.

“I think it also gives us an opportunity to test some things out for the future. When this works, we know we can go live for UEFA Champions League games, MLB, the NBA playoffs, and down the line. I think this opens up unlimited opportunities for us to get bettors more information.”

Miller also spoke about Rodriguez joining the show as both a contributor and director.

“I think this new How To Bet revamp might have the best lineup since the Wu Tang Clan last graced the stage,” Miller joked. “Of course, I know Nery from the New Jersey sports betting scene.We both have covered sports in the Garden State for years. I think he will be good to have as a third voice, but his work behind the scenes is where he will shine brightest. Nery has the skills to get the information out there to the bettors very quickly, and that is something that is obviously important during a time-sensitive tournament.

“As someone who has been to two Final Fours–2008 in San Antonio, and 2009 in Detroit to see my North Carolina Tarheels win it all–I am very excited to help bettors win some money. I think we were very successful during football, and I expect the same here. I can also see the possibilities down the line, and that is even more exciting.

“The How To Bet podcast is ready to take over, and I love that I am a part of it.”

You can watch all the shows on the How to Bet YouTube channel. Check out the First Round show now on the channel, and the Sweet 16 episode on Tuesday, March 22. Tune in on Saturday, March 19 and Saturday, March 26, at 9 a.m. for the Round of 32 and Elite Eight live shows.

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