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How to Bet podcast prepares to cover March Madness The start of March Madness 2022

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So, you watched a whole National Football League season of How to Bet, with Daryl Fein and Sean “The Genius” Miller, and now you are sad because there is no more football.

But the world of sports betting does not stop because the NFL is over: in fact, now is the time it gets more hectic. There is March Madness, UEFA Champions League and domestic soccer leagues, the NBA and NHL playoffs, and even the return of the USFL.

So, in deference to Philadelphia legend Meek Mill, I have some lyrics for you from Dreams and Nightmares that sum up where we are at on the How to Bet podcast:

“Hold up, wait a minute, y'all thought I was finished… I'm the type to count a million cash then grind like I'm broke…'Cause my mama need that bill money, my son need some milk… They gonna remember me…”

And just like that, HOW TO BET IS BACK!!!!!

There will be a slightly different look to the podcast, as Nery Rodriguez joins the team on the production and talent side to help Fein and Miller sift through the chaos of March Madness. But fear not: the trio will help bettors make their picks on the NCAA College Basketball games that matter.

How to Bet will be back to dissect Championship Week, as bubbles are burst all over America, and will also be on after the selection show on Sunday, March 13–which is also the first day of daylight savings (YAYYY!!!)–to break down the bracket with their first impressions.

Then, the show will break up into two sections over the next three weeks: a show to set up the action on the next two Thursday and Friday game days, and then a live show to help bettors get a taste for the weekend games in real time.

The podcast will also introduce some new graphics that should help bettors as they search for the best promotions from the various sportsbooks.

“The NFL is a bit of a grind for bettors,” Miller said. “I think of the NCAA Tournament as a three-week sprint. It is a little crazy, because those first two days have games all over the shop. When that first game tips off at 12:10 p.m. on the East Coast, it just goes until after midnight. It is wave after wave of action.

“Friday is the same, and then the Saturday and Sunday of the Second Round each have eight games. Those two days have all the upsets, the chaos, the switching channels back and forth to see all the craziness unfolding.

“After the first weekend, though, there are only 15 more games left in the whole tournament, and eight of them are on the next Thursday and Friday. So you really have to be able to take advantage of the games early on to maximize your betting value. That is where we come in at How to Bet: we help you maximize your betting return. I am really excited about the live shows as well: it is just something new to help everyone maximize their return on investment.”

There will also be up to date information on the How to Bet website, with all the odds, line moves, and breaking news to help bettors. Along with that information, there will be all of the latest offers–risk-free first bets, deposit bonuses, bet boosts, and the like–for the various sports books that bettors can use to get the best value over the three weeks of March Madness.

“As my Philly guy Meek says, ‘They gon remember me, I said remember me’,” Miller said. “We hope that bettors remember just how well we did in the NFL season, and come back in droves for the new show. Hopefully, we can bring in a new audience as well. I am very excited to see what we can do.”

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