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How to Figure Out Medicare and Choose the Right Plan 58% don’t look forward to reviewing their Medicare plan

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Choosing a Medicare plan can feel overwhelming. Ten thousand baby boomers age into Medicare everyday with questions about getting the right, affordable healthcare coverage and finding a Medicare plan that fits their needs. Recently, Keira Krausz, the Chief Marketing Officer at ClearMatch™ Medicare, part of HealthPlanOne, teamed with YourUpdateTV on a satellite media tour to share tips on how to make this year’s Medicare enrollment less confusing.

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58% don’t look forward to reviewing their Medicare plan

For nearly 63 million Medicare beneficiaries or individuals turning 65 who need affordable health plan coverage, Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period is here, and it will end in December 7th.

Choosing a Medicare plan can feel overwhelming. According to a recent survey, 58 percent of Medicare members say they don’t look forward to reviewing their Medicare plan, with 23 percent of people sharing that reviewing their plan is as delightful as having a colonoscopy.

In 2019, 71 percent of Medicare beneficiaries said they didn’t compare plans during the open enrollment period, according to a Kaiser study published last month. Not comparing plans is a missed opportunity – because each year plans and benefits change – it’s important for individuals to compare their options, and a broker like ClearMatch™ Medicare can easily provide you a simple comparison of best plans.

ClearMatch™ Medicare is committed to “de-complexify” Medicare for customers across the country. They match each customer with the right plan at the right place to deliver better health and peace of mind.

The company can support customers throughout their Medicare journey, with a focus on the long-term. ClearMatch agents guide customers at every step of the way, from identifying and enrolling in a plan to reviewing coverage each year to make sure customers get all the benefits they deserve.

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About Keira Krausz:

An award-winning Direct-to-Consumer marketer, Krausz has spent her career focused on the melding of data-driven analytics and compelling creative. Krausz led the launch of the ClearMatch™ Medicare brand. The brand’s purpose is to match each customer with a Medicare plan that delivers the benefits the customer is entitled to, to support better health and deliver peace of mind. The company expects potential customers will benefit from its digital content and then leverage a hybrid approach – an ecommerce platform plus a licensed ClearMatch™ Medicare insurance agent – to gain a solid understanding of options and enroll in a plan. ClearMatch™ Medicare agents, supported by the company, then will build a long-term relationship with each customer to ensure satisfaction.

From 2013-2018 Krausz was the CMO and EVP of Nutrisystem, Inc., where her team reversed a seven-year decline and returned the company to sustained growth, to nearly double revenue and quadruple EBITDA. Prior to Nutrisystem, Krausz held leadership positions at Time Inc. and the Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. Krausz attended Cornell University as an undergraduate and has an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College.

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