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How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally Experts agree that individuals living with high blood sugar levels can improve their symptoms with a few simple diet, exercises and natural supplements

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The technical name of the disease called diabetes is diabetes mellitus. In fact this chronic disease is a combination of a group of diseases. The neat effect of the group of diseases is a rise in the blood sugar levels. Raising blood sugar level beyond certain normal values is detrimental to the body.

Sugar or glucose is a vital source of energy for the cells. These cells make up the tissues and the muscles. Not only that, our brain also depends on glucose as its main energy source. But in this world everything has to be balanced. So is the blood sugar levels. Any disbalance in our body system disbalances the body and we fall into the trap of diseases.

The experts after lots of investigation have come to the conclusion that not all the diabetes mellitus are of the same type. There are differences and on it depends the mode of treatment. So knowing the different types of diabetes is important preliminary information that we all must have before going deep into the topic.

What is Normal Blood Sugar levels for type 2 diabetes for adult men and women

  1. 10 hours Fasting sugar level should be less than 100 mg/dl ( blood sugar fasting level from 100 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl is called Pre-diabetic level)
  2. Blood sugar levels 2 hours after meal should be less than 140 mg/dl ( 140 mg/dl to 199 mg/dl is called pre-diabetic level)


Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes which we find in 95% diabetic patients. We would like to give below the topranking anti-diabetic supplements for type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes happens when the insulin sensitivity of the body is reduced; it means when the body is unable to use effectively the available insulin of the body causing raised blood sugar levels.

Best supplements for lowering blood sugar levels naturally


  1.  Glucoredi - World’s Best Blood Sugar Lowering Supplement
  2.  Blood Sugar Optimizer 
  3. Nature’s Velvet Lifecare Gymnema Sylvestr
  4. Ultra High Strength Berberine HCL



 Glucoredi is our expert’s choice among all other antidiabetic supplements on the market. The supplement has been formulated taking eleven different ingredients having potent antidiabetic properties. All the ingredients have been selected after a prolonged and exhaustive research of the herbal medicines collected from all the corners of the world. Each ingredient attacks the disease from different angles making a strong synergistic effect to treat the symptoms.

The formulators of the supplement have taken special care so that all the ingredients are 100% of natural origin. Because the aim of making the supplement is to get rid of all the side effects of prescription medicines. Such supplements have minimal or no side effects. Secondly the supplement is a long term cure and prevention of the diabetes condition.


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Ingredients of Glucoredi

  • Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Commiphora Mukul
  • Licorice
  • Mangifera Indica
  • Asparagus Racemosus
  • Momordica Charantia
  • Pterocarpus
  • Syzygium Cumini
  • Shilajit
  • Berberis Aristata
  • Enicostemna Littorale


Collection of the ingredients is a costly, laborious and hazardous process. But the officials of the company take all the pain in collecting the eleven ingredients of which 9 are to be collected from the dense forests and remote mountain ranges spread over seven regions of the world. They do not compromise on quality of the ingredients as well as the final product.

About some of the main ingredients of Glucoredi

Gymnema Sylvestre

This popular antidiabetic herb has been collected from the Ayurvedic system of medicines. However due to its extensive and effective use as an antidiabetic medicine by a large population it attracted the attention of Western medical professionals. They have analyzed scientifically all the constituents of the herb.

It was found that Gymnemic acid is the main and highly effective constituent of the herb having a strong antidiabetic property. Other chemicals found in the herb are gurmarin, tartaric acid, calcium oxalate, saponins and glucose.

They have also analyzed the leaf phytochemicals and could identify the following compounds. Fatty acids both saturated and unsaturated, terpenoids, alkaloids and glycosides. The bioactives identified are blends of diversified phytomolecules. These are gymnemic acid, gymnema saponins, gymnemodises, gurmarin, gymnemanol, anthraquinones, hydroxycinnamic acids, stigmasterol, glycosides etc.

Gymnema Sylvestre has the following advantages in tackling the problems of diabetes.

  1. It reduces the cravings for sugary food so that the sugary food no longer appeals to the taste buds of the users of the medicines.
  2. It enhances the production of insulin by the pancreas by rejuvenating its cells.
  3. It lowers the absorption of glucose in the intestines thereby lowering the blood sugar levels.
  4. It has an antioxidant property due to which it reduces the oxidative stresses caused due to the presence of free radicals in the body. The free radicals also damage cells including the pancreatic cells thereby decreasing the efficiency of the pancreas in secreting sufficient amounts of insulin to tackle the excess sugar in the blood.
  5. It also helps in reducing body weight. Being overweight or obesity is linked with diabetes. About 80% diabetic patients are found to be obese. Therefore reducing weight is also a means of tackling the diabetes condition. Gurmarin and gymnemic acid work in this respect by lowering the absorption of glucose in the intestine.
  6. The gymnemagenin contained in the supplement lowers the levels of bad LDL cholesterol and enhances the levels of HDL or good cholesterol.


Commiphora Mukul

It is widely known as Guggul. It is a resin-like gum that is secreted by the stem and the bark of the Commiphora Mukul tree. It has a wide range of health benefits and hence it has been included in the Ayurvedic system of medicines for thousands of years. The chief bioactive compound in Guggul is Oleo Gum Resin which is a mix of oil and a brownish fluid.

The researchers claim that the therapeutic actions of Guggul is mainly due to the oleo gum resin. It attacks the diabetic disease by starting to reduce the weight. We now know that overweight and diabetes are closely connected to each other which is also proved by the fact that 80% of diabetic patients are also obese.

Weight loss is initiated by improving the digestive fire of the stomach. Improved digestion removes all toxic substances that remain within the body after digesting foods. It improves the overall metabolism of the body. Glucose is properly burnt converting the glucose into energy providing an energetic body. By complete burning of the glucose it helps in reducing the body weight.

The vitamin has a strong anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. Due to these it helps in reducing pains and swelling. It is also used for the treatment of arthritis. It can regulate the lipid profile by reducing the bad cholesterol and enhancing the good one.

The vitamin can be taken in three forms, powder, paste and capsules. The paste is applied in the joints mixed with some water for the relief from joint pains.


This ingredient has been collected from the Chinese system of medicines. In China Licorice has been used for the treatment of high levels of blood sugar for two thousands years. After being interested with the herbal Chinese medicine for its remarkable beneficial effects in the treatment of diabetes, the Western researchers became highly interested in the herb.

Their intensive research could reveal that the therapeutic value of the Chinese herb is due to the following substances in it: five flavonoids, licorice extracts and three triterpenoids. The researchers who isolated these compounds from Licorice also on further research found that these have great antidiabetic effects.

They also let us know the mechanism how these substances achieve their antidiabetic benefits. These are enhancing the body’s insulin sensitivity, effective burning of the glucose so that the glucose do not get deposited as fats, freeing the body from the harmful effects of free radicals and reducing oxidative stress which damages cells including the cells of the pancreas that promote insulin production and also by increasing the rate of microcirculation in the body.

Mangifera Indica

This is also an Ayurvedic medicine. It is made from the fruit mango and from the various parts of the Mango tree. The leaves of the Mango tree have a number of health benefits.

The tender leaves of the Mango tree contain tannins called anthocyanidins. This constituent of the mango leaves make it helpful in the treatment of diabetes.

For curing diabetes you have to boil 10 to 15 leaves and let it stand overnight. The next morning, drinking cold mango leaves water in an empty stomach twice a day would cure diabetes. It is beneficial for high blood pressure, weight loss, dissolving kidney stones and stomach issues.

The mango fruit is a source of many vitamins, minerals and fibers. It is also a very rich source of polyphenols such as mangiferin, gallotannins, gallic acid, quercetin, isoquercetin, beta glucogallin, and ellagic acid. In addition to this the researchers have also identified 25 carotenoids.

The carotenoids found in mango are lutein, provitamin A, alpha & beta carotene. The fruit is also a rich source of soluble as well as insoluble fibers. Soluble fibers can help gastrointestinal issues and prevent heart related issues.

The bark of the mango tree contains amino acids, catechins, phenolic compounds and triterpenoids compounds. Due to the presence of these compounds the mango tree bark shows anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and immune system enhancing properties.

Out of all the bioactive substances identified in the different parts of the tree, mangiferin is the most important one. It also contains enzymes named magneferin. The fibers and enzymes help the body to absorb vitamins and minerals whereas it becomes difficult for the body to absorb vitamins in isolation.

In Ayurveda various parts of the mango fruit and the tree are used for many health benefits. It is an antiseptic, laxative, astringent, diuretic, digestive, and for expelling worms and parasites.

Vitamins available in mango fruit

Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin K, Vitamin E, potassium, niacin.

Minerals available in mango fruit

Magnesium, riboflavin, thiamin, phosphorus, calcium, iron


It is an Ayurvedic medicine containing huge amounts of different important minerals. It is found in the Himalayas and is a gummy substance. It is formed after the decomposition of plants for a long period of time. It is very difficult to collect the pure variety of the medicines.

It contains organic plant decomposed materials, humus and fulvic acid. It is a vast source of about 84 minerals which include iron, zinc, silver, copper and lead.

Shilajit has a number of health benefits. It is a rejuvenator even improving sexual energy. This is particularly useful for diabetic related complications such as chronic tiredness, fatigue and lethargy due to diabetes. It is also good for cognitive performance like memory loss as well as anemia.

Modern science has found the effect of the medicine in enhancing the energy to its constituent humic acid and fulvic acid. It helps the mitochondria to produce energy.

Blood Sugar Optimizer

The Jarrow Formula Blood Sugar Optimiser is formulated with an aim to regulate the blood sugar levels. This the optimizer does by reducing the cravings for sugar and by increasing insulin sensitivity of the body. The stress due to raised blood sugar levels and frequent energy crashes significantly swings mood and the result is unhappy life leading to reduced productivity.

The benefits expected from blood sugar optimizer are

  1. Enhances insulin sensitivity
  2. Removes negative feelings by balancing hormones
  3. Regulates blood sugar levels
  4. Reduces cravings for sugar



  1. Vitamin C
  2. Vitamin E
  3. Thiamine
  4. Niacin
  5. Vitamin B4
  6. Biotin
  7. Pantothenic acid
  8. Magnesium
  9. Selenium
  10. Manganese
  11. Chromium
  12. Wild Bitter Melon Extract
  13. Gymnema Sylvestre
  14. Eucalyptus Leaf Oil
  15. Gamma Tocopherol
  16. Resveratol
  17. Banaba Leaf Extract
  18. DL-alpha lipoic acid


The formulation of blood sugar optimizer is quite simple. Blood sugar optimizer is also a natural herbal supplement for the treatment of diabetes.

Best Naturals Gymnema Sylvestre Extract

This antidiabetic supplement contains only extract of Gymnema Sylvestre having 25% gymnemic acid. Other ingredients are vegetable Cellulose, veg magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

One bottle contains 120 capsules each of 500 mg Gymnema Sylvestre extract. The other advantages are the product is passed by third party testing laboratory, non-GMO, made in the USA in FDA registered facilities. Contains no sugar, milk, soy, corn, lactose, egg, gluten. Yeast and wheat.

Warning: consult your doctor before starting taking the supplement specially if you are pregnant, nursing or under some medications.

Ultra High Strength Berberine HCL

The antidiabetic supplement contains only Berberine Hydrochloride as its main ingredient. Other ingredients include Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide and Magnesium Stearate.

The Berberine in the supplement is of very high concentration to the extent of 82x. The purity level is 97%. The Berberine is collected from the mineral rich areas of Himalaya where the plant is harvested. Berberis Aristata is wild harvested so that the plants are resilient and rich in bioactive compounds and nutrients.

Other 14 ways to lower blood sugar levels naturally

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is very important for the people affected by diabetes. The reason is very simple. In diabetes you need to lower your blood sugar levels. The easiest way to lower the blood sugar levels is by converting the sugar to energy. Regular exercise helps your muscles contract, needing energy which the muscles and the cells collect by converting the glucose into energy. In this way the sugar levels in the blood gets lowered.

Secondly diabetes and obesity is closely linked which is proved by the fact that 80% of the people with diabetes are obese. Regular exercise is a sure way to reduce your weight as well as enhance insulin sensitivity. The more the insulin sensitivity of the body, the more is the ability of the body to effectively use the insulin for optimizing the blood sugar levels.

You can also do one thing for checking the blood sugar levels before and after the exercise. Nowadays very simple methods of blood testing kits are available for instant checking of the blood sugar levels. By knowing the sugar levels you can determine the activities which are responding well in lowering the blood sugar levels. It will also help you to know when the sugar levels become too high or too low in order to take timely actions.

Keeping yourself active and moving in intervals of at least 30 minutes of doing sitting work even for a few minutes will be beneficial. We recommend simple resistance exercise or light walking for a few minutes.

Regular exercises can be brisk walking for 30 minutes or more, running, cycling, weightlifting, swimming etc. Choose the mode of exercises as per your ability. The point is to move away from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one.

People who find it difficult to spare time at a stretch can even resort to shorter sessions. For example you may do 10 minutes of exercise three times a day. The experts recommend 150 minutes of exercise in a week.

Restriction in the intake of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates we ingest are a very important source of energy for our body. It is broken down into glucose after we eat. The insulin then takes care of the sugar by using it for energy in the cells and muscles as well as storing it in the liver as glycogen.

But in the diabetic patients with low insulin sensitivity, the body fails to use the available insulin. It results in raised blood sugar levels. Hence for such patients it becomes imperative to restrict the intake of carbohydrates and manage it by sticking to measured amounts.

Many studies have also shown that blood sugar levels can be effectively controlled by taking a lesser and measured amount of carbohydrates. By this step the patients can avoid sugar spikes. But some enthusiastic patients decide for no carbohydrate diet. This is completely the wrong attitude.

You have to take carbohydrates but you should select carbohydrates such as whole grains instead of refined and processed carbohydrates.

More intake of fibrous foods

The diabetic patients must choose foods rich in fibers. The property of the fiber is to slow down the digestive process. Slow digestion means lesser sugar absorption and a better control of blood sugar levels.

The fibers can be of two types: soluble and insoluble fibers. Studies have shown that soluble fibers are superior for the sugar control of the diabetic patients. The intake of fiber rich foods can even optimize the blood sugar levels of type 1 diabetes. There are standard values for the fiber intake recommended by the experts. 35 grams per day for men and 25 grams per day for women.

Fiber rich foods are vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains etc.

Keep yourself hydrated

Many are of the view that keeping your body hydrated is one of the ways to control blood sugar levels naturally. If sufficient water is taken then there will be two benefits. Firstly it will keep the body hydrated and secondly excess sugar will be flushed out by the kidneys through urine.

One thing is to be kept in mind that you have to take plain drinking water. Don’t use sweetened water or cold drinks. In that case the effects will be just the opposite.

Devise some methods to restrict your calorie intake

Restricting the calorie intake is not so easy as said. But for lowering the blood sugar level it is important to devise some method of controlling the intake of the right amount of calories. One of the ways is to adopt portion controlling measures.

You can achieve this by the following routine

  1. Decide the portion size by discussing with your physician.
  2. Make some arrangement to measure the portion size at home.
  3. Adopt smaller plates while eating.
  4. Try to avoid eating at restaurants.
  5. Get the list of calories of different foods so that you can know the calories you are taking.
  6. Make a journal for noting down the measured amounts of portions for monitoring your sugar levels.
  7. Make a practice to eat slowly.

Selecting foods with low glycemic index

All carbohydrates are not the same. Some carbohydrates break down quickly while some others break down at a slower rate. The absorption of sugar depends to a large extent on the glycemic index of the food.

The foods are divided into three categories as high, medium and low glycemic index foods. The experts have also made a ranking system scaling it down to 0 to 100. We call those foods of Low GI whose index are below 55.

For the people with diabetes it is better to select foods with low GI. Low GI foods are slowly digested resulting in slower absorption of sugar thereby reducing the blood sugar levels. Some examples of foods with low GI: barley, oats, plain yogurt, beans, legumes, lentils, whole grains, non-starchy vegetables etc.

Manage your stress and anxiety levels

Stress and anxiety are the silent killers. We think it a mundane daily chore but it is not so innocent as it apparently looks. In fact when we are stressed the body responds in two modes: flight or fight. For both these above actions the body may need energy. So the body prepares itself by increasing the blood sugar levels. The body secretes hormones called cortisol and glucagon for accomplishing the job.

The remedy is to resort to modern methods of driving away the stress. These are relaxation techniques, meditation techniques, breathing exercises, yoga and regular exercises.

Regular blood test for monitoring the blood sugar levels

Regular blood sugar testing has many advantages. Firstly you can know immediately when you are pre-diabetic and can take preventive actions for reversing the condition. Secondly you are able to monitor and control the sugar level by altering medicines as well as amount of insulin etc.

You can avoid spikes in sugar levels that may cause damage to vital organs.

By knowing the timely sugar levels you get the time to change or modify calorie intake, type of foods, exercise needs etc. If the levels permit you may even include a small amount of your favorite dish in your diet plan.

Sufficient and fulfilling sleep

Nature is clever enough to provide us with a mechanism to recuperate and rejuvenate ourselves through sleeping. This is the time when the body gets enough time for reconstructing and repairing cells, muscles etc. as the night sets in and the sunlight disappears the body secretes hormones to induce sleep.

But with the rush towards more and more comfort we have started to ignore these fundamental needs of the body giving rise to heaps of diseases. Nature retaliated and we have started to understand the importance of sleep.

We must understand that a sound and quality sleep of seven to eight hours is essential for a healthy living. Lack of sleep and proper rest causes imbalance in the system and becomes a reason for diabetes.type 2.

You will be surprised to know that lack of sleep increases appetite and there often remains a risk of weight gain which again is linked to diabetes. Lack of sleep also causes raised secretion of cortisol hormone that plays its role in raising blood sugar levels.

Following methods may be followed to improve the quantity as well as quality of sleep

  • Don’t deviate from your sleep schedule
  • Don’t take stimulating drinks such as alcohol and caffeine before going to sleep
  • Follow regular healthy exercise schedule
  • Don’t look at mobile or other screens at least from an hour before going to sleep
  • Listen to light music in dark room
  • May use calming light scents
  • Bed room must not be working room
  • If possible you can take a bath before going to sleep
  • Meditation and relaxation also helps

Eating chromium and magnesium rich foods

Researchers have found that some minerals such chromium and magnesium have roles to control blood sugar levels. The deficiency in these minerals may lead to diabetes.

Chromium is a necessary mineral for the metabolization of carbohydrates and fats. It also increases the insulin sensitivity thus helping optimize the sugar levels. The examples of foods rich in chromium are, whole grain products, meats, fruit, nuts, vegetables etc.

Similarly magnesium too has beneficial effects for the diabetic patients. It has been found in clinical studies that the people on foods rich in magnesium are less prone to diabetes.

Also people with deficiencies in magnesium have been found to have lowered insulin sensitivity. Examples of foods rich in magnesium are, leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds, whole grains, tuna fish, bananas, avocado, beans etc.

Some specific foods and supplements may help

Lots of research is going on to find the various beneficial effects of plants and foods so that we can be remedied without using chemical drugs that have many side effects. The results are coming out to be excellent.

The experts have found the following foods and supplements made from herbal materials to be antidiabetic:

Apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, berberine, fenugreek seeds etc. Such and many other herbal compounds are available in one place in the antidiabetic supplements available on the market. These supplements contain all the potent natural ingredients and have remarkable antidiabetic properties. Glucoredi is one such supplement which is very popular and gives excellent results in controlling diabetes and reversing pre-diabetic conditions.

Keep your weight in control

Keeping a moderate weight is the best way to keep the diabetes away. The experts are finding some link between weight and diabetes. This apprehension has arised from statistics that show 80% of all diabetes patients are obese.

Researchers have conducted tests which have confirmed that even if you are able to minimize your weight by 5% the capacity of your blood sugar regulation improves requiring less medications.

Reducing weight is also beneficial in reducing the HbA1C levels which is another sure way of checking the condition of diabetes.

Taking frequent smaller meals

This is another good way of tackling diabetes. This will surely avoid the risks of sudden spikes in blood sugar levels which can even damage organs. Frequent snacks in between the meals minimizes the risk of occurrence of type2 diabetes.

Several small snacks between meals also enhance insulin sensitivity and simultaneously lower blood sugar levels. It reduces HbA1C levels which is an index of lowered blood sugar levels.

Taking foods rich in probiotics

Probiotics are nothing but bacteria that are friendly to our body. In fact we do have such friendly bacteria in our guts that helps us in digestion. Researchers have shown that probiotics have a role in reducing blood sugar levels. Examples of probiotics are yogurt, pickles, kimchi, kefir etc.


From the detailed discussion on diabetes and its causes and various ways of remedy given above we find that the age old proverb still prevails: prevention is better than cure. We have given a large space on this topic and tried to give you glimpses of various ways by which you can reverse, control as well as prevent the occurrence of diabetes.

Along with those 15 ways of attacking the menace called diabetes mellitus, we would strongly recommend the supplement Glucoredi. This supplement has been formulated by famed experts and nutritionists collecting potent 100% natural ingredients from all the corners of the world.

The supplement contains 11 natural herbal ingredients. 9 ingredients are sourced from 7 different regions of the world traveling dense tropical forest and unapproachable mountain ranges. The supplement can be taken for prevention, reversing as well as controlling the blood sugar levels.

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About the disease diabetes mellitus

The medical name of diabetes is diabetes mellitus. It is a group of diseases, the neat result of which is raised blood sugar levels. Our body is a perfectly balanced machine. Any slightest imbalance in any part of the body makes us ill or exposed to serious ailments. There is a check and balance mechanism in all our systems but even that system sometimes gets affected.

So when due to many complications our blood sugar levels start rising, the body tries its best to cope up with the balances. But everything has a limit. When the sugar levels surpass the limit which has been designated as the normal blood sugar levels then we start feeling the bad effects. It starts with weakness, lethargy, chronic fatigue, restlessness and abnormal weight loss.

If we do not take any corrective actions the sugar levels go on rising and start attacking various organs of the body such as veins & arteries, heart, kidney, nerves, eyes etc. the situation becomes alarming that may even become fatal or damaging to the organs.

So it is imperative for everyone to go on checking their blood sugar levels in intervals under the guidance of a physician. Also some basic knowledge about this widely spreading disease is going to be helpful for the people so that they can take preventive steps and take timely required steps to control the disease.

Types of diabetes

Diabetes has been categorized into four broad types, though the main types are only two.

  1. Type 1 diabetes: this is a chronic diabetes condition when the pancreas fails to produce sufficient insulin for neutralizing the excess sugar of the blood. As we know that our body produces insulin with the help of islet cells of the pancreas. The production of insulin is controlled by the brain as and when the blood sugar levels tend to increase. This check and balance system of our body keeps the blood sugar levels within its normal levels.


But if for some reason the cells of the pancreas fails to produce required insulin. Then the sugar levels start increasing in the blood leading to pre-diabetic and Subsequently diabetes disease. The only treatment for type 1 diabetes is insulin Injection. The amount of insulin to be injected depends on the severity of the disease. But the good news is that this type of diabetes is very rare. Only 5% of All the diabetes patients are affected by type 1 diabetes.

  1. Type 2 diabetes: this is the prevalent type of diabetes found in 95% of diabetic patients. This is caused due to the body’s incapability to effectively use the available insulin so that excess sugar can be taken out of the blood. As a result sugar starts accumulating in the blood gradually rising above normal values eventually leading to type 1 diabetes. Lots of medicines are available on the market such as Metformin etc which are prescribed by the doctors for lowering the sugar levels.
  2. Gestational diabetes: in some cases the blood sugar levels are raised during pregnancy that often gets normalized after the delivery. Such a temporary kind of raised sugar level is called Gestational diabetes.
  3. Pre-diabetic levels are those cases where though the blood sugar levels are raised but not so much as can be bracketed with the diabetes patients. This is the time when the condition can be reversed by a restricted diet, regular healthy exercises and healthy lifestyles. If people can regularly test their blood for sugar levels under the advice of a physician, it is possible to arrest the progression of diabetes and reverse the condition. 100 to 125 mg/dl is the prediabetic level.

Symptoms of diabetes

Irrespective of the type of diabetes ie, type 1 and type 2 chronic diabetes cases, the symptoms are alike and as follows:

  • Chronic weakness
  • A feeling of too much thirst
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Weight loss without any apparent reasons
  • Irritated mood and mood swing
  • Blurry vision
  • Taking more time to heal a wound


What is the role of glucose and insulin

Glucose is sugar that happens to be the source of energy for our body functioning and hence a very important substance for our healthy subsistence. There are two sources of glucose from where the body can source its requirements of glucose. These are food and the liver.

Liver stores glucose for emergency uses. Say when you have taken any food for a long time the blood is starved of sugar. At such times the liver becomes active and supplies sugar by breaking down the glycogen. In such a beautiful check and balance system our body keeps us safe during exigencies.

When we eat, the carbohydrate breaks down into glucose. This glucose then enters the bloodstream. Insulin produced by the pancreas helps the glucose to enter into the cells which then converts the sugar into energy for meeting their requirements of growth and energy.

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