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Have you found out How to Bet yet?

Well, if you have, you are one of the tens of thousands of fans that have already been part of the newest sports betting podcast on the scene, How To Bet.

The show, hosted by Daryl Fein and Sean “The Genius” Miller, with John Mozes as producer, Tiffany Hartman as executive producer, Trey Wright as producer and audio engineer, with Andrew Jacabacci and Kaylee Ettinger on graphics, is now in its third week. The newest edition will be launched on Wednesday, September 15 on various streaming sites as well as the YouTube channel.

It has been received very well all around the world, and especially in America, where the first two weeks’ numbers have been very strong for a new podcast. The show shows people how to bet, where to bet it, and who to bet on, for all the NFL games of each week, as well as some bonus wagers from around the world of sports.

“It has been a lot of fun so far to work with Daryl and the crew picking these games,” Miller said. “I have really enjoyed the show format, where we can impart some of our knowledge about betting to the people who might be new to the game, and maybe to ones that have been around for a while as well.

“The sports betting landscape is changing by the day, week, month, and year. Arizona just joined the fray the day of the first NFL game, and already posted amazing numbers in its first weekend of action. This is something that is still not even in half of American states, so the opportunity to grow as a show, and for How to Bet to grow as a site, is immense.”

The full podcast is usually between 50-55 minutes, and also has a couple of breakaway sections that can be found on the How to Bet podcast: the Power Parlay Plays of the Week, and a new feature for Episode 3, the Primetime Plus Bets of the Week, where the dynamic duo break down all three primetime games each week (Thursday night, Sunday night, and Monday night), as well as one featured game from each of the other two windows on Sunday: 1 p.m. EDT and 4:05/4:25 p.m. EDT.


In episode 2 covering Week 1 of the NFL campaign, Miller nailed his Power Parlay Plays, hitting a three-team wager on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, LA Rams, and San Francisco 49ers, along with his bonus play on the other football, Manchester United to win and Cristiano Ronaldo to score.

“Yeah, I took a shot with some big favorites on the money lines,” Miller said. “If the Bucs covered the spread as well, it would have been a massive weekend. But I did alright despite that.”

Along with the show, Miller will be posting four stories each week breaking down the Thursday Night Football Bets, the Sunday Night  Football Bets , the Monday Night Football Bets, and an overview of the whole week’s upcoming NFL Betting Lines, including all the opening lines and the current spreads, so bettors can have up to date lines all the way up until kickoff.

“I think it is important to get the information out there each week through multiple media,” Miller said. “The podcast is so cool, because we have the video and audio going out simultaneously on Wednesday at noon each week, a full day and a half before the Thursday Night Football game that week. But it also gives bettors a chance to maybe jump on the early lines that come out, BEFORE the lines move later in the week as more people start betting them. Sometimes, if you wait until Sunday, the value has diminished.

“But no matter when you get a chance to listen, watch, or read the information, it is going to help you place better bets, no pun intended.”

For Week 2 of the NFL action, and episode 3 of the How to Bet podcast, Miller and Fein focused on the deal that Caesars Sportsbook is offering to all How to Bet fans. Just use the bonus code HOWTOBETRF to get a $5,000 risk free wager with your first bet after signup and deposit. Try to find a better deal than that anywhere in America: you will not.

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