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So, you have finally figured out about How To Bet.

Or maybe you still have not heard about the National Football League betting podcast that is taking the country by storm: How To Bet.

The show, co-hosted by Daryl Fein and Sean “The Genius” Miller, enters its 14th week Wednesday as Fein and Miller talk all about Week 13 of the NFL. The podcast, with the accompanying shorter shows, such as the Parlay Power Plays of the Week, Top 5 Bets of the Week, and NFL Betting Lines- Odds and Line Comparison, as well as the new NCAA Football and over under segment, have all proven to be big hits as the NFL gears up for the middle part of the 2021 campaign.

“I think we have been pretty successful with the show so far,” Miller said. “The picks have been good, we have had some interesting guests. But the main thing for us is, I think we have been able to put out a good product that is equal parts entertaining, informative, and on point. The How to Bet podcast is only going to get better each week.”

Along with the podcasts, Miller also posts stories on the How to Bet website for the Thursday Night Football Bets, the Sunday Night  Football Bets , the Monday Night Football Bets, and an overview of the whole week’s upcoming NFL Betting Lines, including all the opening lines and the current spreads, so bettors can have up to date lines all the way up until kickoff.

One of those things Miller spoke about was the new total plays, underdog or plus-money wagers, and the proposition (prop) bets. They debuted in the stories for Week 5, and have kept the popular segment going.

“Yeah, I think that is something that Daryl and I talked about over the last couple weeks,” Miller said. “Many people bet on the NFL games in different ways: you might bet on the underdogs, while I usually like to take the favorites. But there are so many ways to win money playing the NFL.

“The other thing about the prop bets and the parlays, for example, is that you don’t need to hit as many to win more money. The prices are higher, so if you play them well, you can do really well, like we did last week on the Bills.”

Fein and Miller have been taking the questions from watchers and listeners as well, and have tried to showcase a different part of sports gambling each week. Since there are still so many people that are new to online sports betting, with that number increasing weekly as new states legalize gambling, there will always be someone that is tuning in for the first time, trying to gain some insight to win some money.

“I think that is what we have to remember,” Miller said. “For every person that has been betting on NFL games since they were running to Columbia Bagels to get the Sunday Daily News 20 years ago, there is another that has just found an interest in sports betting. I think that is the good thing about this show: we are able to do a good job picking the games- well, most weeks, I like to think- but we also give people other options.

“Of course, we have the parlay part of the show, and that is my favorite way to bet on games, whether it is the NFL or Premier League. But we spoke about teasers last week, and this week we have some great props. I have to thank everyone for watching so far, and I hope they all keep tuning in to How To Bet.”

So tune in every Wednesday to the How To Bet podcast, so we can all learn how to be a better bettor.

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