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HowToBet Family of States Gets Bigger, as New York Joins Online Betting World Team effort from: Daryl Fein, Sean Miller & Co

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So, you live somewhere in the Empire State, and you can FINALLY make online bets like your neighbors New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

No more jealous gazes across the Hudson River, right, Manhattanites?

Now that you can legally bet on sports with your mobile devices, you just need to find out about How to Bet!

The website and accompanying How to Bet podcasts have been a huge hit across the country, and just celebrated a milestone on New Year’s Eve: 100,000 views across the two Youtube channels.

Daryl Fein and Sean “The Genius” Miller have been showing people how to bet on the National Football League and NCAA College Football for over four months now, and will celebrate the launch of betting in the Empire State with a special edition podcast which will be launched Wednesday along with the other weekly podcasts that so many people have grown to love: Parlay Power Plays of the Week, Top 5 Bets of the Week, and NFL Betting Lines- Odds and Line Comparison.

With a whole new state (and a huge one at that: New York is the fourth largest state in America with over 21 million residents) starting to navigate the world of online sports betting, Miller hopes they will find their way to the How to Bet family.

“Obviously, New York going live this past weekend is massive,” Miller said. “Now, maybe I will have a seat on my New Jersey Transit train coming from Manhattan back to Hamilton!

“But seriously, it is really big for all the sports books–BetRivers, Caesars, DraftKings, and FanDuel–that launched right before the NFL playoffs. Plus, March Madness will be right around the corner once football ends, and of course, for me, you have the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and all the other leagues around Europe.

“I went to college in Manhattan at Columbia, and I remember walking to the deli on Amsterdam and getting the Daily News on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We used to comb through the lines and try to make a little money in between all the studying we were doing.

“But when I went up to watch the EURO 2020 at the Football Factory this past June, I could not put any bets in once I left New Jersey. That will not be an issue now. I can only imagine what it is going to be like in New York City over the next month, let alone the rest of the state. The numbers are going to stun a lot of people, but if you have been watching, you will know it might be close to $1 billion wagered in the first 30 days.”

Along with the podcasts, Miller also posts stories on the How to Bet website for the Thursday Night Football Bets, the Sunday Night  Football Bets , the Monday Night Football Bets, and an overview of the whole week’s upcoming NFL Playoff Lines, including all the opening lines and the current spreads, so bettors can have up to date lines all the way up until kickoff.

Now, with the NFL regular season done and dusted for 2021, we move into the postseason, which will kick off on Saturday, January 15 with two Wild Card round games. There will be three more games Sunday, and then there will be a first for the playoffs: the sixth contest of the weekend will take place on Monday night, so bettors will have three nights of action.

“I think that is pretty cool,” Miller said. “A few years ago, they moved away from the 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. kickoffs for the playoff rounds, moving instead to later time slots. Personally, I like the primetime games: I think it gives people around the country a chance to see, and bet on, the games at more convenient times.

“And now, with the added Monday game, it gives bettors and fans another night of action. Since I write up all the primetime games for How to Bet, it also gives me, and people that follow the weekly stories, a chance to get some added information about another of the games. We also get to talk more about that Monday primetime game on the podcast, so that is nice.

“I think it is a win-win, and of course, it is huge for the TV ratings.”


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