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HowToBet Leads the Way in NFL Handicapping

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Have you learned about How to Bet yet?

If you have not, you missed out on what might have been the greatest sports handicapping run in National Football League history.

All season, Daryl Fein and Sean “The Genius” Miller picked NFL games, totals, and prop bets for sports bettors all over America and the world, with views coming in from countries across the globe. Much of that has to do with the hot streaks the dynamic duo were on for much of the football season.

The Los Angeles Rams became the second team in a row to win a Super Bowl in their home stadium, a feat which had never happened until Tampa Bay accomplished it in 2021. But the Rams were not the only winners on Sunday: if you watched the How to Bet Super Bowl podcasts leading up to the big game, you might have come away with a lot more cash than you had prior to kickoff.

 How to Bet podcast co-hosts each hit some big plays on the Super Bowl, with Fein picking the Bengals on the +4.5 spread line and hitting some prop plays.

Miller bet the Rams down to -2.5 and took them in a parlay with the under 48.5, cashing in that, and also pegged Cooper Kupp as the MVP at +700 odds, had Aaron Donald to record a sack, and Kupp to score a TD. Not a bad day at the office.

“I thought maybe Aaron Donald should have won the MVP, but I will take the money,” Miller said. “Kupp was unplayable down the stretch, and was the reason they came back from seven down there. But while we did so well with pre-game picks, I did really well with the live betting.

“I took the Rams when they were down 20-13 at -2.5, which returned a decent amount of cash. I think with the way betting is going now, that might be the best way to win plus-money wagers. I do that a lot on soccer games, because you can feel the momentum of games shifting sometimes when you are watching a game. It is the same with NCAA College Basketball: there are some opportunities to make a lot of money on games like that, where you are going to be getting +150, +200, or even higher odds.”

It is interesting that Miller spoke about college basketball and soccer, because there is some breaking news for the How to Bet podcast, as it pivots away from NFL for the next six months: from football to futbal, as it is.

If you missed out on the NFL season of How to Bet, do not fret: the show is expanding now that Super Bowl LVI is done and dusted, as the sports betting landscape continues to grow by the day, week, month, and year.

Fein and Miller will be branching out, covering March Madness, the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and many other European football leagues, as well as Major League Baseball, NBA, and NHL.

“For me, it is a dream,” Miller said. “Anyone that has watched the show, or followed me on Twitter (@TheProdigalSean) knows I am a huge soccer fan. This is my favorite time of year, with UEFA Champions League matches during the week, Premier League–and all the other domestic leagues around Europe–on the weekend, and there is even MLS at night. If you are a bettor, there are so many opportunities to win money on soccer, just because there are so many games. It is very much like NCAA Basketball, with so many games every day, except it is year-round.

“Speaking of college hoops, we are getting ready for March Madness, and that should be a crazy time for bettors, with all the games to play. Daryl and I are so excited to continue making picks for people in the coming weeks, and showcase our wealth of knowledge in other sports.”

So make sure you stay tuned to the How to Bet YouTube channel in the coming weeks, for more videos, and stories, as the sports betting pivots from NFL to everything else.


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