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HTX Earn Launches New User Rewards Program with 100% APY

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Singapore September 28, 2023 – HTX, a comprehensive ecosystem of blockchain businesses, announced the recent launch of its special Earn campaign tailored for new users. Through this campaign, new users can enjoy up to 100% APY by subscribing to popular cryptocurrencies such as USDT, BTC, ETH, and more for 7 days. All new users who qualify can embark on this exciting wealth growth journey by subscribing through HTX Earn, starting on Sep 18, 2023, at 10:00:00 UTC. .

Against a backdrop of global economic slowdown, the cryptocurrency market continues to attract investors worldwide with its openness, diversity, and standardization after over a decade of development.

For centralized exchanges, the competition to become the top choice for global crypto investors hinges on the quality of their passive income offerings for new customers. This quality manifests itself in various aspects, including a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies, attractive annual returns, and low entry requirements. Based on a competitive analysis of five leading exchanges, HTX consistently stands out due to the distinct advantages it offers.

HTX Leads the Pack in Offering New User Passive Income Opportunities

Competitive analysis of benefits offered to new users from 5 leading exchanges.
Competitive analysis of benefits offered to new users from 5 leading exchanges.

In the chart above, it is evident that HTX's offerings excel in several aspects including cryptocurrency variety, APYs, KYC requirements, and more. HTX currently offers Earn products for as many as 20 mainstream coins and has continued to introduce more consistently. They also offer remarkable 100% APYs for these passive income products. Additionally, compared to exchanges that limit time and require complex verification processes, HTX provides its new user benefits for longer and only requires KYC Level 2 verification to participate.

To access HTX Earn, simply visit HTX's official website and click Earn in the top navigation bar, or open the HTX app and tap HTX Earn on the homepage.

*Overview of HTX Earn Products for New Users
*Overview of HTX Earn Products for New Users

Grab Your Opportunity! Exclusive to New Users – Subscribe Now

HTX's special Earn campaign is exclusive for new HTX Earn users that subscribe starting from Sep 18, 2023, at 10:00:00 UTC. Users must complete KYC Level 2 verification to be eligible for subscriptions through this activity. Each qualifying new user can only subscribe to one of the products offered in this promotion once. The activity will end once the total subscription quota for each cryptocurrency is depleted. After 7 days of subscription, the returns and the principal for the subscription will be credited to the users' spot accounts in the same token they subscribed to.

HTX Earn is a reliable tool for managing virtual assets, offering a variety of products that cater to users' demands while ensuring the utmost security of their assets through the exchange's strict risk management system. HTX Earn is designed to provide users with high-quality assets for daily passive income and user-friendly interface for convenient wealth management experience.

This exclusive campaign, coinciding with HTX's rebranding, demonstrates the exchange's commitment to strengthen its global presence. While HTX continues to focus on the mainstream crypto ecosystem to meet users' trading demands, it is also exploring emerging sectors to uncover more wealth opportunities accessible to users. This not only fulfills the essential needs of users in the current crypto market but also aligns with its vision: "Achieving Financial Freedom for 8 Billion People on Earth". For the next decade, HTX envisions an all-encompassing platform, including spot trading, derivatives trading, and wealth and asset management, becoming a trusted metaverse free port for global users in the Web3 era.


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