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HTX Liquid Restaking Debuts, Creating a New Paradigm for CEX Users to Easily Earn On-Chain Rewards

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As Bitcoin enters a new phase after the breakthrough and on-chain premium projects explode in popularity, the cryptocurrency exchange HTX officially launched the Liquidity Restaking event on February 29 at 09:00 (UTC). This event provides crypto investors with a low-barrier entry into on-chain ecosystems.

Easy Engagement with No On-chain Operations, Greater Rewards with Earlier Participation

To be eligible for this event, you need to fund your Spot account by making deposits, trades, etc to hold at least $1 worth of BTC, ETH, USDT, HTX, TRX, or other designated assets. Register and enable desired cryptos for Liquid Restaking, and then you can expect rewards as follows:

- EigenLayer's initial airdrop (A trending Ethereum restaking project with TVL of over $7 billion)

- Puffer's initial airdrop (A trending Ethereum restaking project with TVL of over $1 billion)

- Merlin Chain's initial airdrop (A Bitcoin Layer 2 solution with TVL of over $1.5 billion)

- BounceBit's initial airdrop (A Bitcoin staking chain with TVL of over $0.45 billion)

Crypto rewards, such as ETH, USDT, HTX, and TRX

Event rewards will be distributed in various LRS points. You can redeem these points for corresponding cryptocurrencies after the designated projects distribute airdrops.

Earlier participation and larger spot assets will bring you greater points.

The LRS points obtained from HTX Liquid Restaking can be redeemed for corresponding rewards. LRS-BTC points can be redeemed for Merlin Chain and BounceBit airdrops; LRS-ETH points for EigenLayer and Puffer airdrops. (Please note the actual event rewards are subject to rewards provided by these projects.) LRS-USDT, LRS-TRX, and LRS-HTX for corresponding tokens.

Applicable Crypto

Liquid Restaking Points

Reward 1

Reward 2

Reward 3


LRS-BTC points

Merlin Chain airdrop

BounceBit airdrop

Coming soon


LRS-ETH points

ETH staking rewards

EigenLayer airdrop

Puffer airdrop


LRS-USDT points

stUSDT staking rewards




LRS-HTX points

HTX rewards




LRS-TRX points

TRX staking rewards




Please refer to the official announcements for details. The redemption of LRS-USDT, LRS-TRX, and LRS-HTX points will be available soon, while LRS-BTC and LRS-ETH points can be redeemed within 14 days after the start of the on-chain project airdrops, estimated after April 2024, depending on the on-chain airdrop schedule. The rewards will be credited to participants' Spot accounts.

Get Your Slot in $50M Quota to Claim Free Rewards Only on HTX

With the launch of Liquid Restaking, HTX marks the first exchange to support restaking. Simply register for Liquid Restaking with your Spot account balance snapshotted, and you can share on-chain rewards generated by a $50M quota, including early airdrops of popular projects such as EigenLayer, Merlin Chain, etc.

Here are the popular projects you may get initial airdrops from:

Those enrolled in HTX Liquid Restaking represent leading restaking projects across various popular sectors, such as EigenLayer, Puffer, Merlin Chain, and BounceBit. Moving forward, HTX aims to extend its reach to include an even wider selection of trending projects.

EigenLayer, a leading Ethereum restaking project with a TVL of over $7 billion, delivers decentralized restaking services through a modular protocol layer built on the Ethereum mainnet, enabling LP tokens to generate additional rewards.

Merlin Chain, a Bitcoin L2 network, currently boasts a TVL of $1.5 billion. It enables users to conduct transactions and execute smart contracts more efficiently on the Bitcoin network by facilitating the interaction between EVM-compatible blockchains and the Bitcoin network.

BounceBit refers to a platform or protocol specializing in Bitcoin staking, where users can stake Bitcoin to contribute to network security and earn corresponding staking rewards. Based on available information, BounceBit boasts a TVL of over $450 million, indicating a notable level of market acceptance and community trust in the project. The platform's ability to attract substantial staking funds often indicates its commitment to ensuring security and stability in its operation.


The indicator of TVL presents the popularity of these projects. Want to join them all? The HTX Liquidity Restaking event is an excellent choice as it offers a comprehensive plan for users to easily participate and earn multiple on-chain restaking rewards. Here's how to participate in HTX Liquidity Restaking:

1. Log in to your HTX account, and tap Earn > Liquid Restaking.

2. Click Enable All on the event page, select the desired cryptocurrencies, and then click Enable.

3. Upon the system confirmation, you are all set to receive rewards from Liquid Restaking.

CEX users can easily participate in on-chain staking on the exchange, making it easy to earn rewards. The earnings are flexible and participation does not affect the trading of assets. Users can choose different assets based on their needs and preferences to participate in the event and earn rewards accordingly.

HTX Exchange, as a globally renowned trading platform, ensures the security of users' assets and trading. Rest assured that your assets on the HTX exchange will always be safeguarded regardless of any risks that may occur on the blockchain during the event, and the earnings will be distributed in the form of rewards. HTX will fully bear any potential losses that may occur, providing you with a worry-free participation experience.

Highlights of HTX Liquid Restaking:

High Value: Win trending projects' airdrops for $50 million staking quota with enormous upside potential

Free Claims: One-click operation with no costs

Great Flexibility: Effortless participation and exit with immediate effectiveness

Zero Risk: Principal protection, free rewards, and risk-free farming

The event is now live. The earlier you participate in the HTX Liquid Restaking, the higher earnings you will receive. Greater earnings include higher staking rewards and bonuses. As Bitcoin has entered a new phase, the possibilities in the crypto world are expanding infinitely. On-chain ecosystems will become new opportunities for wealth growth. Seize the opportunity to follow HTX, and become a winner in the new bull market.

Participate Now: Starting on February 29, 2024, at 09:00 (UTC), you can click Liquid Restaking on the homepage of the HTX app to register for this event and enable the desired cryptocurrencies for rewards. Remember to fund your Spot account by making deposits, trades, etc, and hold at least $1 worth of BTC, ETH, USDT, HTX, TRX, or other designated assets.


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