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HTX's Flexible Earn Products Emerge as a Stable Investment Option

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Singapore – December 28, 2023 –Despite the global uncertainty continuing, the cryptocurrency landscape is gaining momentum, fueled by a major catalyst: the potential of Bitcoin spot ETFs. Behind this surge in the cryptocurrency market lies the emergence of the next crypto wave. In the face of these trends, how can we seize the opportunities and choose suitable investment targets to earn stable returns? This question has become a new challenge for every investor.

Among the numerous investment options in the crypto market, holding mainstream assets like USDT while waiting for clear market trends may be a wise choice. In this regard, two passive income products from the giant exchange HTX deserve special attention: Flexible and Flexi Max. These products enable you to enjoy both stable returns and the liquidity of your assets with just a click away.

HTX: Flexible Products for Flexibility and Flexi Max for Long-Term Investments

According to the exchange's official announcement, the Flexi Max on HTX Earn underwent a comprehensive upgrade in July this year. You can try this brand-new financial product by navigating to the HTX App's homepage > Earn > Flexi Max.

Flexi Max is designed for large-scale, long-term investments. It offers high individual quotas and high returns, and allows for instant redemption at any time. As of press time, Flexi Max supports subscriptions to cryptocurrencies such as DOT, ETH, USDT, USDC, and TUSD, with more cryptos to be added gradually. Additionally, a return calculator has been added to the subscription page, providing users with a convenient way to estimate their potential earnings. In summary, the overall subscription process is simplified and smooth.

It is important to note that Flexi Max charges redemption fees based on your holding duration. The longer your holding period, the lower the redemption cost and the higher your potential returns. For example, if you subscribe to the Flexi Max with 100,000 USDT and redeem your assets after one year, the redemption fee can be as low as 0, and the potential returns could reach up to 5,000 USDT. (Before subscribing, you can use the aforementioned return calculator to estimate your potential earnings on your assets).

Comparison of Fixed, Flexible, and Flexi Max on HTX Earn:

From the chart, it’s evident that Flexible products are more suitable for individuals with limited funds or those who require high asset liquidity and are not concerned about returns.

The Flexi Max, on the other hand, caters to investors seeking medium to long-term asset allocation portfolios with a focus on higher returns, such as high-net-worth individuals, seasoned investors, and long-term investors.

Both Flexible products and Flexi Max offer advantages in terms of flexibility and APYs. Therefore, by thoroughly understanding the product features and earning rules, and an evaluation of your risk tolerance, you can make informed choices that align to your financial needs and investment horizon.

HTX Earn is indeed a worthy choice. It serves as a reliable tool for managing virtual assets, offering a range of products with user-friendly operations. The exchange's robust risk management system ensures the utmost security of assets. Purpose-built to deliver top-tier assets for daily passive income, HTX Earn features a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless and convenient wealth management experience. Furthermore, it continuously adds mainstream and trending cryptocurrencies, providing you with more options. Additionally, all HTX Earn products ensure stable returns and asset security.

To celebrate the upcoming New Year, HTX is launching the Epic Airdrop, an unprecedented promotion that allows you to boost your airdrop rewards by subscribing to the Flexible, Fixed, Flexi Max products on HTX Earn. Additionally, HTX Earn will continue to offer professional wealth management products and services to users, featuring a variety of cryptocurrencies and investment options.

Trade with Confidence at HTX, A Top 3 Crypto Exchange for All Your Needs

HTX, a top 3 global crypto exchange, has maintained an impeccable security record over the past decade. Thanks to its robust risk management system, HTX ensures the safety of users' assets. Prioritizing asset transparency, HTX regularly makes its Proof of Reserves (PoR) audit reports public. Currently, HTX has advanced to a dual PoR audit mechanism, employing Merkle Tree-based solutions and Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP), thus guaranteeing complete transparency of assets that can be verified at any time.

Starting in January 2023, HTX has established a new normal by updating the Merkle Tree-based Proof of Reserves (PoR) and publishing it for public access. The PoR data is updated monthly, with a snapshot taken on the first day of each month. Generally, this data update is completed within the first week of each month.

Users can view HTX reserves of BTC, ETH, BETH, TRX, USDT, and HT in detail on the asset audit page of the exchange's official website, including reserve ratio, HTX wallet's assets, and user assets on HTX.

Furthermore, HTX boasts exceptional asset liquidity, ensuring prompt fulfillment of users' trading and asset management needs. Looking ahead to the nextdecade, HTX aims to evolve into a comprehensive platform covering spot trading, derivatives trading, and wealth and asset management. Its ambition is to become a trusted metaverse free port for global users in the Web3 era. Marking the 15th anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper, HTX embarks on a new journey towards a brighter future. The exchange believes that the vision of enabling financial freedom for 8 billion people worldwide could soon be realized through the next cryptocurrency wave and the efforts of all cryptocurrency practitioners.


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