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Huobi Global unveils blockchain ecosystem investment arm Ivy Blocks to spur industry development

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News release by Huobi Global

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Huobi Global, one of the world's leading digital asset exchanges, today announced the launch of Ivy Blocks, a new and exciting DeFi and web 3.0 blockchain ecosystem investment arm. Ivy Blocks will focus on identifying and investing in promising blockchain projects to help unlock their growth potential, serving to boost innovation and development in the DeFi and web 3.0 world. With its multi-billion dollar war chest, Ivy Blocks will be well-placed to take advantage of unique opportunities in cryptocurrency markets globally.

According to Deloitte, only 8 percent of the 86,000 cryptocurrency projects listed on Github have met success. Ivy Blocks believes one reason up-and-coming DeFi projects fall to the sidelines is due to unfavorable conditions and a lack of support.

Ivy Blocks seeks to support and nurture up-and-coming DeFi projects by availing deserving projects with the most compelling ideas with a wide range of supporting services, so that they have the pieces needed to succeed. Ivy Blocks will be rolling out with three core services, Liquidity Investment Department, an asset management platform for smart DeFi mining and income aggregation; Ivy Labs, an innovative crypto and blockchain incubator; and Ivy Research, which focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency research, together these services will offer all-around support for promising projects. These services will encompass liquidity investments, project acceleration support, technical guidance, professional mentorship, assistance with token listings and post-investment management, among others.

Ivy Blocks has been launched with the aim to take advantage of unique growth opportunities in the DeFi and web 3.0 space, capitalizing on the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market which has surged to US$1.25 trillion in market capitalization. Just for comparison, gold’s market capitalization currently stands at around US$11.7 trillion, indicating how close cryptocurrencies are to becoming one of the world’s major asset classes.

“Many promising projects tend to encounter liquidity constraints and a lack of go-to-market support, which present significant barriers to growth,” said Huobi CFO Lily Zhang. “Our focus on providing such projects with liquidity investments and incubation services will no doubt contribute towards creating a better, more inclusive DeFi and web 3.0 blockchain ecosystem.”

Ivy Blocks will serve as a vehicle to help drive Huobi’s broader Web3 vision, as DeFi remains one of the largest, most promising applications that a decentralized internet has to offer. One of the first projects to be supported by Ivy Blocks is Capricorn Finance, an AMM-based decentralized exchange built on Cube. With more than US$1 billion worth of crypto assets under management, Ivy Blocks will be well-positioned to propel budding projects like Capricorn Finance to achieve peak potential, while adding value to the development of the blockchain industry.


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