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Huobi Responds to Several Issues of Public Concern

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Recently, Huobi and Justin Sun are at the forefront of controversy again. Since Justin Sun became a member of Huobi's Global Advisory Board, the exchange has created a number of marketing highlights, but it has also experienced some public relations crises. Under the leadership of Justin Sun, it can be said that Huobi has embarked on the path to rebirth. However, the company has also become the focus of public opinion.

The recent articles about Huobi's layoffs have sparked heated discussions in the crypto circle. These articles mentioned that Huobi has muted internal communication channels on DingTalk, which bars employees from speaking up. These articles also revealed the scale of the layoffs and how they were executed, and also how employees were made to receive their pay in stablecoins, which indicated Huobi's lack of compassion for their employees.

Huobi responded that personnel optimization is a last resort for companies during downturns. Besides Huobi, the crypto industry is laying off workers in large numbers to cope with the crypto winter. Layoffs are also common in traditional industries. In almost all companies, layoffs are done to protect the interest of the majority of employees and ensure that the company can survive. Otherwise, more people's interests will only be damaged once the company collapses. It is understood that Huobi's personnel optimization plan is no lower than the industry average.

If a company were to implement any policy that involves all employees of the company, it would have notified the employees via an internal announcement or email. In fact, channels of communication between Huobi's employees and the human resources department have always been open.

According to Huobi, several accounts that were frozen for their abnormal behavior are characterized by their lack of trade at normal times. However, these accounts have been trading Huobi's new tokens and ecology tokens frequently, while transferring assets in and out quickly. As investigations have shown, these accounts have made abnormal levels of profits many times, and the profits were quickly withdrawn. These are clearly the traits of rat trading.

Huobi reiterated that the company has zero tolerance for rat trading. Under the new management, Huobi will continue to conduct in-depth audits, hold responsible people accountable, and publicize information in due time. A resolute and consistent crackdown on rat trading demonstrates Huobi's commitment to protecting the interest of its employees and users.

Justin Sun also tweeted that in terms of security, Huobi has implemented a series of measures to ensure the safety of users' funds. These include the use of cold storage, which will help prevent assets from being hacked or stolen by cybercriminals. In addition to cold storage, Huobi also employs the use of multi-signature technology and reliable cloud computing to protect user assets. This requires multiple parties to sign off on any transactions or movements of assets, which helps to prevent unauthorized tampering.



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