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Ilika passes another milestone in solid-state battery development race

Ilika PLC
News release by Ilika PLC

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Ilika PLC (AIM:IKA, OTCQX:ILIKF) CEO Graham Purdy speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the innovative battery developer announced it has passed another development milestone with its Goliath program, achieving lithium-ion energy density parity.

The company's share price has risen sharply on the news. Purdy explains the significance of the development and puts it in context, describing solid-state batteries as a rapidly expanding market.

He says "its an interesting [development race], its not one of those races where the first person to cross the finishing line is the only person to get a medal. Its one of those races where actually participation is important, and the benefits of the different types of technology that are being used will be deployed in various sectors across the world, and in different markets." He goes on to reveal more about what investors can expect from Ilika in the new year, and trails a half-year trading update he expects to deliver in January 2024.



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