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Imperial College London and FluidAI Partner to Tackle Crypto Market's Liquidity Crunch Partnership aims to enhance efficiency of tokenized markets for wide range of cryptocurrency stakeholders

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 FluidAI, the fintech making tokenized market access more efficient for institutions, trading platforms, and retail investors, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with I-X, Imperial College London’s artificial intelligence (AI) initiative. It marks the world’s first-known AI partnership at a globally renowned university to be partially funded by cryptocurrency. Together, FluidAI and I-X will work to solve some of the biggest inefficiencies in digital asset markets such as fragmented liquidity.

Crypto markets currently suffer from numerous problems stemming from a lack and fragmentation of liquidity, including high volatility, price slippage, vulnerability to market manipulation, and flash crashes, unlike traditional markets like equities, that have sophisticated infrastructures and settlement systems in place.

“Liquidity aggregation in crypto is a global financial challenge and it spurred the founding of FluidAI, and partnering with Imperial is a continuation of our endeavours to help the industry evolve through research and development in areas that require focus such as AI,” said Ahmed Ismail, Co-founder, President, and CEO of FluidAI.

“We are delighted to partner with I-X, Imperial College London’s groundbreaking AI initiative on this highly strategic and impactful project that is a global first and one that will help solve what is one of the biggest problems in the crypto industry,” he added.


Imperial College London is the UK’s #3 ranked university, and has risen to 10th in the world in the latest Times Higher Education World University rankings. In March of 2021 it launched I-X, an academy strategy project that provides a co-located collaborative environment for research, education, and entrepreneurship across AI, data science, and digital technologies. As one of the world’s foremost public research universities, Imperial plays a leading global role in the development of AI, machine learning, advanced robotics, and augmented and virtual reality. It also houses the Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering, with the aim of becoming a leading international centre for research and application activity related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

"This is a great opportunity to collaborate with a high-growth company, founded by Imperial alumni, in the financial sector. We are looking forward to harnessing I-X capabilities in generative AI to venture into new technological areas together," said Professor Peter Pietzuch, Co-Director at I-X and Professor of Distributed Systems in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London.

Over the last year, much of the chaos in global cryptocurrency markets can be attributed to a lack and fragmentation of liquidity. The FluidAI and I-X team-up will tackle this major challenge with the ultimate goal of helping the world more easily adopt and trade digital assets.


About FluidAI

FluidAI makes tokenized market access more efficient for institutions, trading platforms, and retail investors by using predictive AI-based models to solve inefficiencies in digital asset markets. FluidAI is driven by technologists, academics, data scientists, institutional digital asset platform founders, and investment bankers whose experience spans across tier-one TradFi and crypto institutions such as Bank of America, HAYVN, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Jefferies, Bloomberg, Citigroup, Refinitiv, and leading data science academic institutions such as Imperial College London, and Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.


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About I-X by Imperial College London

Based at Imperial College London's White City Campus, I-X is a co-located space that utilises the College’s long-standing excellence in AI. Through a suite of educational programmes and the start of its recent Business Partners membership scheme, I-X has created an entrepreneurial environment to tackle major societal challenges. Its research focuses on both foundational AI and AI applications, with the goal of delivering real benefits to humanity and scientific exploration within the next five to ten years. The impact of these research initiatives extends to solving pressing problems in health, sustainability, economics, and defence.


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