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In a Powerful Statement, Former LP Vice-Chair Endorses Miller Daniel Miller for Texas Lt. Governor Campaign

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Daniel Miller continues to pile up impressive endorsements for his candidacy for Texas Lt. Governor with Election Day only hours away. The consistent trait of Miller endorsements are that are coming from the leaders, influencers, and activists from every sector of the Texas liberty movement.

Robert A. “Bob” Phipps Sr. is the former vice-chairman of the Texas Libertarian Party. He provided this statement to the Daniel Miller Campaign:

“From 1994 to 1998 I served as Vice Chair of the Texas Libertarian Party. During that time I became acquainted with Texans who love Texas and worked for Texas to return to its proper status of an Independent and Sovereign Nation. Daniel Miller was among the very best of this dedicated group.

“I’ve now known and worked with Daniel for 25 years. No one has ever loved and worked for Texas the way Daniel Miller has. His dedication to the welfare of Texas is unmatched.

“Daniel Miller is now a candidate for Lt Governor of Texas. No one will work harder for the good of Texas than Daniel will. I urge all Libertarians and Liberty Loving Texans to vote for Daniel Miller for Lt Governor of Texas in the 2022 Republican Primary.”

A statement from Daniel Miller:

“I’m heartened by the endorsement of Vice-Chair Phipps and very grateful. His endorsement makes a strong statement on how citizens of all stripes see the power and truth of our movement. For a member of a rival party to step across party lines and categorically urge supporting my candidacy speaks volumes about the unity that liberty-driven Texans are forging. My election would mean a new day of freedom and unity within the greatest state in the union.”

Daniel Miller for Lieutenant Governor of Texas
Daniel Miller for Lieutenant Governor of Texas



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