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Ink Finance: Maximum Flexibility In An Ever-Changing World

Ink Finance
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By Johnny Rice, Benzinga

Ink Finance helps empower DAO – decentralized autonomous organizations – creators to build and maintain their DAOs with ease, security, and flexibility.

In today’s environment, flexibility is paramount. Regulations are coming – many high profile lawsuits in the space are currently pending – and the ability to stay ahead of these and adjust on the fly is a necessity for success.

Ink Finance’s platform offers a plug and play approach with critical features like KYC and governance all with premium security.

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Ink Finance is a DAO governance toolset, enabling all kinds of ecosystems to establish governance economy, manage internal finance, and connect with DeFi investors everywhere, through a no-code user experience. As a Financial SaaS built on blockchain, Ink Finance has the most comprehensive financial engineering tools to support on-chain issuance, settlement, clearing, and analysis of Non-Fungible Financial Products.Ink Finance is backed by heavy weight eco builders such as Republic Crypto and DeFi Alliance, partnered with cutting-edge solution providers such as Humanode, Astra, SolvFinance, Polytrade and deBridge, etc.


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