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Inspired reports strong 2023 performance as it gears up for further success in 2024

Inspired PLC
News release by Inspired PLC

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Inspired PLC chief executive Mark Dickinson takes Proactive's Stephen Gunnion through the highlights of the company's 2023 financial year, including double-digit organic growth in revenue, adjusted EBITDA, and pre-tax profit, marking the successful execution of a transformation into a full-suite sustainability service provider.

For the first time, Dickinson said Inspired has also introduced non-financial KPIs, highlighting effective cross-selling and increased revenue per customer. With over 600 customers using multiple division services and a significant increase in optimization projects, the company demonstrates its ability to meet the repeatable demand for carbon emission and energy consumption reduction.

Despite challenges in the energy markets, he said Inspired sees an improved backdrop, advising long-term flexible contracts for businesses to manage energy crises effectively.

Looking forward, the first quarter of 2024 showed solid performance and improved cash conversion metrics. The company anticipates further success from its cost sales strategy, with the assurance division maintaining trusted client relationships and the ESG division capitalizing on new legislation like the corporate sustainability reporting directive in Europe. The optimisation division is seen as a key growth driver, focusing on reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption.


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