Introducing NaRaYa and its Sub-Brands: From Humble Beginnings to One of the Most Well-Known Lifestyle Brands in Asia | News Direct

Introducing NaRaYa and its Sub-Brands: From Humble Beginnings to One of the Most Well-Known Lifestyle Brands in Asia

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NaRaYa is a leading lifestyle brand that produces handbags, accessories, clothing and skincare to customers worldwide. The company was founded in 1989 in Bangkok, Thailand, by Mr. Vassilios and his wife, Ms. Wasna Roongsaenthong who started a business trading electrical devices and mechanical gadgets, and then later added textiles and accessories. Over time, NaRaYa's renown grew due to its outstanding craftsmanship and unique designed handbags made from various types of fabrics. NaRaYa is now a fully integrated manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of its products and sub-brands.

As of 2022, NaRaYa has established four sub-brands, which include:

  1. NaRaYa Silk: Designed clothing and accessories made from silk
  2. LaLaMa: Bohemian style clothing and bags
  3. NaRaYa Tea Room: Specialty tea shop and light refreshments
  4. Darivari: Skincare products.
NaRaYa at Central World Department Store, Ground Floor
NaRaYa at Central World Department Store, Ground Floor


Craftmanship, Quality and Competitive Price

NaRaYa has prioritized its manufacturing process, which includes a thorough selection of the best materials for its products, in order to produce a long lasting, quality product. Because of the company's meticulous attention to detail during the production process, NaRaYa products are of excellent quality.

NaRaYa has always operated with the same core values, seeking to provide only the best products while adhering to the four principles: Variety, Quality, Value and Versatility.


 Eco Bag The Simple Bag 




Travel Bag The Summer Bag Pleated Satin Bag 



Seamless omni-channel shopping experience both offline and online

NaRaYa recognises the importance of offering a seamless shopping experience across numerous touchpoints to its customers. NaRaYa currently sells:

  • in over 15 stores worldwide
  • online through official website and mobile app
  • through other shopping apps like Shopee and LINE MyShop.

Supporting the local communities and pursuing a sustainable business

NaRaYa’s mission is to grow under the philosophy of creating sustainable Thai products in the global market and are committed to investing in and sourcing sustainable resources to manufacture its products.

NaRaYa has always supported various social causes and communities. For over 30 years, NaRaYa has given importance to the development of the well-being of the community through creating job opportunities and generating real income for locals in those communities.

NaRaYa’s products are produced by skilled artisans in the provinces, and its purpose is to generate income and economic stability for people in these communities. NaRaYa also aims to present Thai products on a global stage, which creates value and strength for the sustainability of Thai people.



About NaRaYa

NaRaYa is a leading global brand with an extensive portfolio of products including handbags, accessories, clothing, and skincare that appeal to a wide range of customers. Founded in 1989, NaRaYa has grown to become one of the most well-known Thai brands, with over 15 branches worldwide. NaRaYa and its sub-brands are committed to producing high-quality products at affordable prices while also supporting a variety of social causes, local communities, and pursuing a sustainable business to reduce its impact on the environment. For more information about NaRaYa, please visit  


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