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Ionic Rare Earths moves closer to mining licence in Uganda

Ionic Rare Earths Ltd
News release by Ionic Rare Earths Ltd

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Ionic Rare Earths Ltd managing director Tim Harrison speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive London after the company released a fresh update on its 60%-owned Makuutu Project in Uganda.

Harrison explains that progress with the Project's land access agreements is now 92% complete, and expresses confidence in finalising the full 44 square kilometers of land access agreements within the next week. He says the accomplishment represents a significant milestone on the path to receive a mining licence.

Harrison expresses his appreciation for the positive engagement and collaboration with stakeholders in Uganda over the past six to seven weeks, saying that the company's community engagement team played a pivotal role.

While detailing the timeframe for the next few months, Harrison highlights the positive developments witnessed at the demonstration plant in Uganda. The demonstration plant's progress aligns with the company's expectations, and Harrison looks forward to the first production of mixed rare-earth carbonate in the first quarter of 2024.

Looking ahead, Harrison outlined the company's trajectory, expecting the mining license to be awarded shortly. The positive outcomes from the demonstration plant further bolster the company's outlook, paving the way for a final investment decision in the second half of 2024.


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