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iTradeNetwork Introduces OrderMaestro - Turning Best-in-Class Order and Inventory Management into Revenue for Foodservice Operators Providing critical visibility and insights in a single mobile ordering platform - with Amazon-like shopping carts, offline inventory management, barcode scanning, voice recognition and more

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iTradeNetwork, the food and beverage industry’s largest network with over 8,000 food and beverage trading partners, is proud to announce the launch of OrderMaestro - a new mobile solution that streamlines and automates order and inventory management for foodservice operators. OrderMaestro enables foodservice operators to create a branded ordering experience across all of their organizations and locations - providing critical business visibility and insights that increase productivity, reduce costs and drive revenue growth.

Since the pandemic, foodservice operators are experiencing more challenges than ever before. Operators are facing unprecedented labor shortages and product supply chain issues - and with thousands of locations, distributor relationships and numerous manual ordering processes to manage, they are forced to do more with less and less. Without a centralized procurement platform in this increasingly complex supply chain, it’s impossible to manage business operations. This leaves foodservice operators with so many unanswered questions: Are your units maximizing spending on preferred products? Are you missing out on rebates? Are you failing to see major contracting opportunities?

Whether operating 15 or 5,000 outlets, operators today need an e-commerce solution that is easy to use and scales with their business - one that streamlines communications, addresses supply chain challenges, ensures price and purchasing compliance, improves visibility and control over the supply chain, and ultimately maximizes profitability for their organization.

About OrderMaestro

OrderMaestro is a branded ordering experience that makes it easier than ever for operators to manage all of their units on a single mobile platform. With the look and feel of your business, it is designed to meet your specific needs and goals. Operators can control order guides across units, auto-generate orders from history and user-defined templates, and build configurable workflows to streamline PO approvals - but that just scratches the surface of OrderMaestro’s capabilities:

  • Effortless Onboarding in an Intuitive, Easy-to-Use App: With widespread labor shortages, onboarding is top of mind. OrderMaestro requires no formal training, so new users will be submitting POs and taking inventory in minutes.

  • Don’t Get Shorted, Before Placing an Order: With today’s on-going supply chain shortages, it’s hard to ensure that the products you order are actually in stock. With OrderMaestro, operators can save hours of time and costly reorders. Users can check inventory with Distribution Centers prior to ordering a product to confirm availability and order replacement products when needed.

  • Seamless, better than Amazon Ordering Experience: OrderMaestro revolutionizes foodservice procurement with the Universal Shopping Cart. Users can place orders with multiple suppliers using a single shopping cart.

  • Offline Inventory Management, Built for Real Working Environments: Leave time-consuming, manual inventory management on remote desktops behind. Now, users can take inventory from a mobile device in any environment, online or offline. The app automatically syncs when internet or cell service is restored.

  • 3-Touch “Scan-to-Search” Smart Barcode Scanning: Place an order or take inventory in as little as three clicks. OrderMaestro’s barcode scanning and voice recognition functionality allows users to auto-populate product information right from their mobile devices.

  • Real-time Collaboration: Communicate in real-time through in-app messaging and save the hours you spent on phone calls and emails. Share targeted announcements with units, regions, or organizations, and alert individuals to act quickly on PO changes, complete with audit trails.

  • Earn Big with In-App Vendor and Product Promotions: Create new sources of revenue and build stronger relationships with suppliers through in-app promotions. Get rid of excess inventory quickly, promote rebate programs, run holiday and seasonal promotions, and more.

  • Visibility and Analytics to Reduce Costs and Drive Revenue Growth: Operators can now access invaluable insights that will power business decisions and drive revenue growth. Discover the percentage of purchases that are under contract, find opportunities to rebate revenue, and so much more.

“We’ve created a best-in-class solution that works for our users and with our users,” said Wills McMahon, senior product manager at iTradeNetwork. “We’ve added features like voice and text search, barcode scanning and offline synchronization to automate as much of the ordering and inventory process as possible.”

“OrderMaestro’s insights will change the way our customers manage their businesses,” said Nathan Romney, chief product officer at iTradeNetwork. “We are thrilled to give our customers the powerful insights they need to optimize their current operations, make smarter business decisions and ultimately increase revenues.”

The OrderMaestro mobile app is currently available for foodservice operators on the Apple and Android app stores. The app will also soon be available on tablets in the coming months.

About iTradeNetwork

iTradeNetwork, Inc. is the leading global provider of supply chain management solutions for the food and beverage industry. Built upon deep industry expertise, a rich data foundation and the industries’ most extensive trading partner network, iTradeNetwork’s collaborative solutions allow distributors, manufacturers, operators, retailers, suppliers, and wholesalers of all sizes to reduce cost, grow revenue and strengthen trading partner relationships. Today, iTradeNetwork’s growing customer list includes more than 8,000 companies globally. For more information, visit:

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