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Following a successful career, James Paul Cheung made the audacious decision to leave finance for fashion in 2017. For nearly a decade, he has continued the legacy begun by his mother who ran a small cashmere shop in La Jolla, California. A driving force in the industry, Cheung has created a strong following in the Hamptons, where the business is based, as well as throughout the country and the world. He is a creative thinker who is always searching for ways to elevate simple luxuries and take them to the next level.

Forever a fan of the arts, Cheung got the idea to collaborate with a capsule of artists and create their work as luxurious wearable art. The idea is to celebrate art in a unique way. "Perhaps a client is an art lover who wishes to share their passion with those they meet, now they can by owning a piece of art as a wearable, inspiring lightweight, luxury cashmere scarf," says Cheung.

For the 2023 spring/summer season Cheung has collaborated with two talented female artists, Carolyn Marks Blackwood and Angela Maritz.


Marks Blackwood is a photographer who has spent her life looking at paintings. Her work is part of a movement known as Pictorialists, a group of photographers who created a style of photography based on painting rather than on documentation. Inspired by Color Field painters, and artists like Rothko and Newman, Blackwood focuses on images that have strong verticals or horizontals and which tend to fill the whole optical field.


For Angela Maritz, her paintings are about the moments when she felt free to unleash her raw emotions through paint. These moments silenced her mind and from this state, a deeper connection to herself and her inner joy was born. Angela's intention is that her art does the same for you. Quietens your thoughts, conjures up your memories, emboldens you, inspiring purpose-filled living. Thus creating positive change in the world through art.

James Paul Cheung Cashmere began as a pop-up in the Southampton salon of Kevin Maple. The demand for his light-weight cashmere was overwhelming and in 2018 he opened his own shop in Bridgehampton. Following the pandemic, Cheung joined Curated by Thuyen in East Hampton, where his designs are currently available.

The luxury brand stands by ethical, sourcing and partners with suppliers that share those beliefs. Cheung embraces design, and sustainability principles that result in high-quality products that use traceable, renewable, and recycled materials, and are resilient and long-lasting. All of his scarves are 100% pure cashmere – seasonless, lightweight like a summer breeze and easy to wear.

James Paul Cheung is available at 94 Newtown Lane in East Hampton and



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