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JUST IN: PawFury and CoinMarketCap Join Forces For a Strategic Marketing Partnership

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New York, Jan. 21, 2024 - (Digital Tech Wire) -- As the digital finance sector witnesses another significant collaboration, PawFury, a burgeoning name in the DeFi and gaming arena, has announced an exclusive offer, celebrating its strategic partnership with CoinMarketCap. This move signifies PawFury's commitment to expanding its community and offering tangible benefits to its users.

Special Offer for Early Investors

To commemorate its alliance with CoinMarketCap, PawFury is rolling out a special promotional campaign. New investors and users are presented with a unique opportunity: a 10% EXTRA Bonus on their new investments. This bonus can be availed by using the Promo Code CMC10. This initiative is part of PawFury's efforts to welcome new members into its growing ecosystem and to provide added value to early supporters.

A Golden Opportunity in Presale Stage

 PawFury's $PAW token is in its early bird presale stage, available at an attractively low price, offering a prime opportunity for early adopters and investors. This presale stage is particularly enticing, as buyers stand to gain a substantial 455% price discount from the current stage to the anticipated listing price of $0.0200. Such a significant markdown highlights the potential benefits for early-stage participants.

Blending DeFi and Gaming

PawFury is at the forefront of integrating decentralized finance with the engaging gaming world. This approach caters to hardcore DeFi enthusiasts and appeals to casual gamers, thus tapping into a diverse market. The platform's innovative blend of gaming dynamics with DeFi elements positions it as a unique player in the crypto space.


The partnership between PawFury and CoinMarketCap, with the enticing presale offer, underscores the platform's potential in the DeFi and gaming sectors. This collaboration and the ensuing promotional campaign signify PawFury's growing influence and its commitment to providing value to its community. Interested parties are encouraged to take advantage of this limited-time offer, stepping into a world where gaming meets finance.

For more information and to participate in the presale, visit PawFury’s Presale Page.

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