Kim Sledge of Sister Sledge, the recording artists behind the international hit song “We are Family” Urges Support for The American Center for Cures | News Direct

Kim Sledge of Sister Sledge, the recording artists behind the international hit song “We are Family” Urges Support for The American Center for Cures

News release by The American Center for Cures

facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon CHICAGO | March 23, 2023 08:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Kim Sledge of Grammy Award winning vocal group Sister Sledge, famed for its international hit song and platinum album, “We are Family,” advocated her support for The American Center for Cures (ACC), an audacious “moonshot” mission to prevent, treat or cure diseases that plague every American family, with a new song titled, “Unity Strong.”

Ms. Sledge also shared personal commentary in support of the ACC:

“I’m Kim Sledge from the recording group Sister Sledge. We recorded the international hit song, ‘We Are Family.’ I write today in support of The American Center for Cures. Having had the privilege of traveling around the world and looking in the eyes of people of all colors, ages, and cultures, and having seen both healthy, as well as, unfortunately disease affected communities, I am in full support of an initiative I was introduced to by a very dear friend of our families, Mr. Lou Weisbach, CEO and Co-Founder of ACC.

Lou, Ruthie, and their family have, over the years, shared in and supported some of my family’s great times and losses. To think that some of those sad times could have been avoided, but even more to know, now there’s a new hope, and soon other families won’t have to go through the despair of disease and loss.

I am truly grateful and ecstatic to hear of the possibilities The American Center For Cures has planned. Its mission is awe inspiring and I believe it is divinely designated for such a time as this. Globally, we are in dire and imminent need of a fully funded mission to prevent, treat and cure the diseases that plague every American family.

Today, I cry out for unity regarding the efforts of the ACC which can bring healing wholeness and perhaps a bond of peace. We are all diverse families sharing this small planet and we all want the same thing: healthy longevity. The ACC is unequivocally the right solution to confront the nation’s health crisis and the plan is already in place. Right now, we need only to act on it by uniting our hearts, hope, and hands in active support with quick fire momentum to result in an epic unified outcome.

Let’s put these disease groups out of business.

Too many families have been desperate for far too long. It’s time for prevention, cures, healing, and wholeness. Lou and Dr. Boxer have taken the position of warriors for this cause. In unity, let’s put our hands to the plow with them and burst open the doors for The American Center for Cures.

I’ve often heard it said, ‘how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.’ I see only one other place where we as families strive with greater unity, and that place is in love. We can do this, together.

We are family. We are unity strong.”

The ACC initiative was introduced by co-founders Lou Weisbach and Dr. Rick Boxer, who was recently appointed by President Joseph Biden to the National Cancer Advisory Board. Their tireless, exemplary, and passionate efforts will enable us to turn theory into practice and finally make the families of our nation and the world recipients of long-awaited prevention, treatments, and cures through fully funded mission-based entities in the private sector individually focused on major diseases with CEO’s that are accountable and responsible to finally get the job done. Former Secretary of Health Tom Price commented that, “when this plan is approved it will rival the greatest achievements in US history and offer the sense of urgency that all American families yearn for and deserve when battling disease.”

Ms. Sledge, who is also an ordained minister, and the ACC CEO Lou Weisbach are available for interviews to personally discuss this bipartisan initiative and its mission to unite medicine, science, pharmaceuticals, business, and government to seek out new treatments and cures for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Parkinson’s, mental diseases, many forms of cancer, and several others. You can listen to “Unity Strong,” Ms. Sledge’s new song dedicated to mission of the ACC, here.


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The American Center for Cures (ACC) initiative is a bipartisan mission to prevent, treat and cure diseases that plague every American family. The initiative will be funded by the sale of $750B bonds by the Federal Reserve, providing the capital needed to accelerate the current trajectory of medicine. Annual interest will be paid through the licensing of new compounds and drugs to pharmaceutical companies. The principal will be repaid by savings provided to the United States Government through successes in the areas of prevention and cures. The ACC business model will cost the government and taxpayers nothing, making this the single most impactful investment on behalf of the American people in the nation’s history.


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