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Kreyol Passion Launches Brand and Announces Kickstarter Campaign KP Marinade first roll-out under Kreyol Passion Brand

News release by Kreyol Passion

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We can all agree on one thing, we all love food! Food is universal to everyone, no matter the race or culture. Today, Kreyol Passion launched its brand along with a Kickstarter campaign.

KP Marinade First Product Roll-Out under Kreyol Passion

Kreyol Passion is built around a human centric approach to fit everyday life styles, enhancing and educating the palate with fresh ingredients and flavors, providing healthy solutions for every cuisine.

KP Marinade is the first product roll-out under the Kreyol Passion brand. With only 15 calories per serving KP is used to marinate meats and seafood, grilling, air frying, stir-fry, cooking stews, soups, rice and as a condiment for a variety of foods. No matter the continent or cuisine KP enhances the flavor of food, alleviates the guesswork out of cooking and cuts prep time by 90 percent.

Jacques Absolu aims to provide solutions with each idea he brings into the atmosphere and Kreyol Passion is no different.

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Kreyol Passion is a Food Distribution Company that is a subsidiary under GGSUCCESS LLC; founded by Jacques Absolu a young Haitian American, tech savvy entrepreneur who has many notable ventures; GGSUCCESS LLC a holding company that focuses on cutting-edge developments in Technology, Finance and Real Estate.

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