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Kuros Biosciences "doing extremely well" in innovative spinal fusion treatments

Kuros Biosciences
News release by Kuros Biosciences

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Kuros Biosciences (SIX:KURN) CEO Joost de Bruijn speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive about the innovative work the spinal fusion biologics-focused company has been focused on recently and looks ahead to what investors can expect from it in the future.


Kuros Biosciences is headquartered in Switzerland with locations across the Netherlands and the USA, and specialises in autologous biologics aimed at regenerating bone tissue, with a specific focus on spinal fusions.


Its flagship and first commercial product MagnetOs, is a unique synthetic bone graft that de Bruijn explains stands out for its unique surface topography that stimulates bone formation post-implantation, thereby setting it apart from other synthetic alternatives.


De Bruijn also a product still in development called Fibrin PTH, a pharma-derived treatment designed to stimulate bone formation through gradual release of parathyroid hormone, offering a novel approach to addressing spinal issues and potential opening up a lucrative new market.


He goes on to give a summary of the company's half-year results highlighting strong revenue growth in the US and reveals an ambitious five-year growth target.




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