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Latina Regional Mexican Artist Mar García Debuts Her New Single “Quiero Volver”

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The incomparable style of musical art from Mar García is bringing to the Latin music industry, is positioning her on the brink of fame. Her latest single Quiero Volver (I want to Come Back), written by Ericka Vidrio and produced by Studio Chiapas is set to drop on October 19, 2021, through Trevino Music Group/Ingrooves.

The music video, directed by Lorenzo De La Cruz under Trevino Productions, will also release on the same day. The life lessons instilled in the single/music video plot, are inspired by the decision between couples where somebody decides to embark on a new path in solitude for the purpose of investing most of their time in their careers. As time goes by, the ex-lovers cross paths again and the person that decided to walk away reaches the nostalgic conclusion that perhaps taking the decision of cutting ties was a mistake.

Mar Garcia was born and raised in Monterrey Nuevo León and developed a great passion and enthusiasm for the art of music at the age of 7. Listening to melodies on the radio, she knew with certainty that she was born to succeed as an international singing artist. She began her debut as a professional singer when one of her first singles, "Pobrecito" took her on a promotional tour to different parts of Mexico, where she performed and appeared on various media outlets. She was also named "La Chica Sexy” by the #1 station of Monterrey 93.3FM.

At 20 years old, Mar García decided to move to Texas, where fate would allow her to continue fulfilling her dreams as a singer, win the Miss Latin Beauty pageant and become a host for the Estrella TV channel. This opened many doors for her singing career. After competing in Hollywood in the show "Tengo Talento," and being a finalist, she moved to the great city of Los Angeles. During her first months in Los Angeles, she became part of the famous Colombian group of tropical music, "Sonora Dinamita."

She was offered a contract to record an album with them, but Mar refused the deal because her heart and spirit were set on being a solo artist. Shortly after, she began recording a solo album that was postponed due to her competing in the musical reality show La Academia (TV Azteca) in which she did not win but did become one of the remaining finalists. She then was approached by an individual that introduced her to the film world and she ended up appearing in more than 50 films.

The professional singer has been pursuing her dreams of becoming a superstar for 10 years. She visualizes herself performing among sold-out crowds all over the world and she classifies her style as "grupero/pop". Mar remarks that his singing style is versatile. She stands out singing cumbia, accordion, romantic, bolero, mariachi, Banda, and orchestra. "I am very passionate, and I do not categorize myself into one genre of music.”

After downtime and unable to perform due to the pandemic and covid restrictions this past year, Mar Garcia is more than ready to get out there and show the world her talent. She is currently gearing up for various booked shows throughout different cities as well as a performance during Latin Grammy week in Vegas in November 2021.

Mar has prepared herself during these past months mentally, physically, and spiritually to soon begin her promotional tour around the globe on her music, and make more people fall in love with the unique musical essence she brings to the game. Her love for children keeps motivating her and she looks forward to one day opening a non-profit organization that teaches music to the youth.   

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