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Launching The World’s First NFT Powered Audio Streaming Platform

News release by Nomad Media Club

facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon Dubai, UAE | April 29, 2022 12:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

First of its kind Web 3 streaming platform, the Nomad Media Club opens its artist pre-registration program today in anticipation of the first holistic home for audio sharing and social networking, accessed purely through ownership of NFTs. The shared audio Social Hub platform is part of the 2023 vision of a Nomad Mediaverse with open borders and monetization opportunities for creatives exploring Web 3 opportunities.

From today, musicians, podcasters and artists can pre-register to mint one of Nomad Media Club’s 5,000 unique and metaverse-ready Founders Pass NFTs as the genesis of the Nomad Mediaverse. This pass enables the owner to share and stream content, network with artists and listeners, access free community resources and expertise, as well as multiple opportunities to accrue crypto while using the platform.

Designed to disrupt subscription-based streaming models and build a platform for non-established artists to benefit from digital commercial opportunities, the Social Hub employs layer two protocols that allow artists and podcasters to earn and keep 100% of their revue in crypto royalties. Crypto earned by artists and listeners can then be used for utilities and services on the platform, as well as staked or sold on third-party marketplaces, without the contractual or financial ties of a typical music streaming platform.

$NMC token is the native incentive token of the Nomad Media Club, used to reward all members of the platform; the creators, the users, and the founders (owners of ‘Phase 1’ Nomad Media Club NFTs).

Tokens can be used in a variety of ways on the platform from buying merchandise, e-learning resources, event tickets or music records, to tipping creators and staking to earn even more $NMC.

As the NFTs are metaverse-ready, owners will be able to launch their 3D avatar model in Decentraland, with all elements available as individual trait-level items, including the Nomad avatar itself, plus the instrument, headphones, and the Nomad’s home planet.


On launching Nomad Media Club, its founder, Amine Oubrahim, comments,

“Our aim is to create a decentralised platform which encapsulates our core values of curiosity, freedom, and connectivity. Through the people-driven elements of Web 3, we’re building a community which celebrates our individuality and freedom of choice online, and believes firmly in the fair treatment of creatives and consumers.”

To mark the take-off of the world’s first NFT powered audio sharing platform, an exclusive vinyl record containing the first four tracks uploaded to the platform by the Berlin based ethereal techno record label Steyoyoke will be launched into space, in the spirit of the Space Nomad theme of the NFT.

Furthermore, a unique one of one NFT of the vinyl has also been created and will be auctioned for charity. The winning bidder will not only gain access to this unique NFT and a Founders Pass NFT, but will also own the physical vinyl record once it returns to Earth. All the money raised will be donated to the DEC’s Ukraine appeal.

Now live in the decentralised streaming space, Nomad Media Club plans to continue to disrupt convention in the audio sharing and social networking world and envisions a platform inhabited by nomads across the metaverse for years into the future.


The NMC App
The NMC App



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Nomad Media Club is the world’s first holistic home for audio-based social sharing through Web 3 technology. As a decentralised space for audio streaming, with access gained via Founders Pass NFTs, Nomad Media Club combines music and podcasts with social media, whilst enabling its community to passively earn crypto as they use the platform. The shared audio social hub is part of the 2023 vision of a Nomad Mediaverse with open borders and monetization opportunities. | Twitter | Instagram 


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