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LeadGenius Now Offers GDPR Compliant Data Storage Solutions, Adhering to Schrems II Decision Affecting EU Citizens

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BERKELEY, CA, June 29, 2023 (500NewsWire) -- LeadGenius, a leading provider of B2B data intelligence, announces the implementation of advanced data storage solutions that fully comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This move comes in the wake of the landmark Schrems II decision, reinforcing the company's commitment to data protection and privacy.

In recent years, data privacy has taken center stage globally, with increased scrutiny and tighter regulations being implemented. LeadGenius, known for its cutting-edge B2B data insights, has been proactive in meeting these changes. Their commitment to ensuring robust data protection measures extends not only to their client base but also to those individuals whose data they process.

“We have always maintained GDPR compliance in our approach to data classification and management through our data privacy best-practices, including all necessary commitments and controls regarding cross-border transfers. This additional layer of technical compliance highlights for our customers that data privacy is core to our values.” says Duncan Winter, Vice President of Product & Engineering


The Schrems II decision underscores the importance of data protection and the transmission of personal data across borders. As a global entity, LeadGenius processes vast amounts of data daily. The company's GDPR compliant data storage solution ensures that the data belonging to EU citizens is handled with the highest standards of protection, transparency, and accountability.

"We recognize that data privacy isn't just about regulation. It's about maintaining trust and ensuring that businesses can continue to operate efficiently and responsibly in an interconnected world," says Mark Godley, CEO of LeadGenius.

The commitment to GDPR compliance is a significant step for LeadGenius, solidifying their position as leaders in global data services within the B2B data intelligence industry.

For more information, visit www.leadgenius.com or contact LeadGenius at marketing@leadgenius.com.

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