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Leading Edge Materials sees strong results from chip sampling at Bihor Sud project

News release by Leading Edge Materials Corp

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Eric Krafft, the CEO of Leading Edge Materials, shared exciting news with Steve Darling from Proactive regarding the company's latest developments.

Leading Edge Materials has received promising assay results from chip samples collected at its Bihor Sud project, signalling positive progress in their exploration efforts. The chip samples encompassed a range of minerals, including cobalt-nickel-gold from Gallery 7 and copper-zinc-lead-silver from Gallery 4.

These samples were carefully collected from mineralized zones that were visually identified through mapping and handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis. The spacing between samples was maintained at approximately 1 meter along the strike, allowing for a thorough assessment of the extent of mineralization within the gallery walls.

This initial chip sampling campaign serves as a crucial step in the company's exploration process, providing valuable insights into the characteristics of the mineralized zones. These insights, in turn, will guide Leading Edge Materials in planning their next steps for the project.

In line with their commitment to systematic and data-driven exploration, Leading Edge Materials intends to follow up on these chip sample results with a more extensive channel sampling campaign. The data gathered from this campaign will play a pivotal role in shaping the company's future exploration efforts.

These future endeavors may include underground drilling to further delineate the mineralization and assess its economic potential.

These encouraging results represent a significant milestone for Leading Edge Materials, showcasing their dedication to advancing their projects in a methodical and scientifically informed manner. As they continue to gather data and explore the full potential of their Bihor Sud project, the company is well-positioned to achieve further success in the field of mineral exploration and development.


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