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Lifezone Metals Advances Sustainable Battery Metal Production with Tanzanian Projects

News release by Lifezone Metals Ltd

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Lifezone Metals CEO Chris Showalter joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discuss significant developments in the company during a recent interview. Lifezone Metals, listed on the NYSE for a year, is focusing on their flagship nickel project in partnership with BHP. With over 100 patents in hydrometallurgy, the company is leveraging its expertise to bring new sources of battery metals such as nickel, copper, and cobalt from Tanzania to market. The company's mission includes ensuring that their processing technologies meet the growing sustainability demands of consumers.

Lifezone Metals is working on a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) for the Kabanga project in Tanzania, in collaboration with BHP and DRA Global. This comprehensive study encompasses both the mine site and a hydrometallurgical refinery, with completion targeted for the end of Q3 2024. These integrated projects aim to produce refined metals within Tanzania, providing substantial economic benefits to the local community and mitigating project risks. Tanzania's infrastructure investments, including standard gauge rail and hydroelectric power, position the country as a regional beneficiation hub, unlocking further opportunities for growth and development.

Showalter emphasized the importance of sustainable battery metal production, particularly in addressing the high CO2 footprints associated with Indonesian nickel. Lifezone Metals is committed to employing clean processing methods designed to produce metals with a lower environmental impact, thereby making their products more competitive in the market. The company’s initiatives not only support the global transition to cleaner energy but also contribute to the development of sustainable and responsible mining practices.


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