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Lightwave Logic picks up industry award for its work in "speeding up the internet"

News release by Lightwave Logic, Inc.

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Lightwave Logic, Inc. (NASDAQ:LWLG) Chairperson and CEO Michael Lebby speaks to Proactive London from the sidelines of the ECOC (European Exhibition on Optical Communications) Exhibition 2023 in Glasgow.

Lebby gives a brief overview of the work Lightwave Logic is doing with its electro-optic polymer technology to help "speed up the internet" and highlights the "Most innovative Product – Hybrid PIC/Optical Integration Platform" award the company received at this week's event.

Looking ahead, Lebby highlighted the company's focus on deepening commercial interactions, having already secured their first commercial licensing deal in May.

"We're in lots of discussions with other folks that are interested in licensing our technology and also we're in discussions with folks looking at our technology itself for product sales. So what investors can expect to see is a lot more activity there... in general these are really exciting times for us."


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