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Linc’s CX Automation Platform Now Incorporates OpenAI's GPT Model, Improving the Conversation Quality of AI-Led Customer Support in Retail Linc announced at Shoptalk that the generative language model behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT is now fully integrated into its platform

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 Linc, the next-gen retail CX automation platform, today announced at Shoptalk, the global event for retail and e-commerce, that GPT-3-incorporated conversational intelligence is now officially available on its platform. By incorporating the GPT-3 model, the generative language model behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Linc is now capable of leveraging continued advancements in the generative AI space for the retail CX automation space to equip retailers with natural conversational customer service support.

Since the beginning of 2023, Linc has been testing OpenAI’s large model on its platform with limited rollouts to determine the most successful path to implementation. Following the development and testing process, Linc has now incorporated the GPT-3 model, which is designed to leapfrog conventional models for knowledge applications, making the delivery of knowledge applications even more natural through conversational interface. In particular, product questions, service policy questions, and brand stories are just a few examples of use cases within the knowledge application category, where generative AI dramatically improves the conversation quality. Linc platform users are able to leverage generative AI models where it fits, yet still have control over conversations and still be able to automate workflow applications that OpenAI models are not designed for, all within one solution.

“Customer service in the retail industry has been transforming significantly as brands continue to leverage AI,” said Fang Cheng, Founder and CEO of Linc. “It will only accelerate now with the recent advancements in generative conversational AI, but tools like ChatGPT are only one ingredient to successful CX automation, and businesses need to understand what it powers before rushing into an investment. Incorporating it into Linc’s platform allows for a synchronous solution that brings together all the pillars needed to see CX automation succeed.”

Linc’s implementation of the OpenAI model on its platform comes at a time when the retail industry is under pressure in terms of customer expectations and, at the same time, highly sensitive to cost. Automation has been instrumental in delighting customers while keeping costs in control. Linc’s retail CX automation platform was built to incorporate the power of generative AI as part of a holistic solution that allows businesses to gain control of conversations, filling in some of the gaps that ChatGPT alone does not address.

Linc will be attending Shoptalk, the leading global event for retail and e-commerce, taking place in Las Vegas from March 26-29. The Linc team will be at booth 254 and will be connecting with its retail customers and discussing how generative AI can be incorporated into customer service automation solutions to make the AI workforce more capable.

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