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Lion Leaders Meet with Members of Congress in Washington D.C.

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Lions International leaders met with members of Congress as part of Lions Day on Capitol Hill. The event was designed to raise awareness of Lions Clubs International and the contributions Lions are making in communities throughout the United States and around the globe.


“There are more than 260,000 Lions across the United States that are changing the world every day by serving local and global communities where it’s needed most,” said Lions International President Dr. Patti Hill. “Lions International is a non-partisan, non-government organization, which is calling upon members of Congress to provide support for several proposed initiatives designed to preserve our environment and agricultural lands.”


Lions International supports several global causes including those related to the environment and hunger. The group discussed some of the nation’s top issues and Lions asked Congress to:


•    Support Lions’ commitment to protecting the environment and preventing and responding to natural disasters. It is imperative Appropriations Committee Leadership supports the United States’ Nationally Determined Contribution, our plan to cut emissions and adapt to climate impacts. This benefits America’s strategic interest to sequester more carbon dioxide through improved agriculture and land policy, climate-smart agricultural practices, reforestation, rotational grazing, and nutrient management practices. This will also reduce the scope and intensity of natural disasters like catastrophic wildfires.


•    Prioritize hunger relief in women and girls. According to World Food Program USA, there are 333 million people severely hungry around the world right now, and nearly 60% are women and girls. As a result, many women suffer health conditions due to lack of nutrition, such as anemia. Critical World Hunger Programs through the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Assistance Programs and Foreign Agriculture Service account, including vital Food for Peace Title II Grants, aim for a world free of hunger and poverty, where people live in dignity, peace, and security. Together, officials and humanitarian organizations, including Lions International, can provide hunger relief in impacted communities.


•    Join the Congressional Service Organization Caucus. This Caucus was initiated by Lions and championed by Rotary, Kiwanis, and Optimist and serves as a platform for educating members, staff, and the public on policy issues relating to service organizations. It also shares positive stories from clubs across the country and in hopes of fostering the future viability and continued growth of local service clubs and the work of their volunteers.


“Lions Day on Capitol Hill is about transforming our world into one where impactful decisions are made with compassion, sustainability, and equity,” said President Hill, “Protecting our planet and ending world hunger are essential to achieving world peace and we must work together to help achieve key sustainability goals today to ensure a safe and peaceful tomorrow.”


About Lions International


Lions International is the largest service club organization in the world. More than 1.4 million members in over 49,000 clubs are serving in 200 countries and geographic areas around the globe. Since 1917, Lions have strengthened local communities through hands-on service and humanitarian projects, and we extend our service impact through the generous support of our Lions Clubs International Foundation. We are focused on supporting vision, the environment, childhood cancer, hunger, diabetes and other pressing humanitarian needs to help address some of the biggest challenges facing humanity. For more information about Lions International, visit


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