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LIX and ComAve form an alliance with AFC Ajax: A Milestone Partnership in the ComAve Ecosystem ComAve and LIX embark on a partnership with AFC Ajax

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LIX, a leading blockchain-based loyalty rewards platform, proudly announces a transformative partnership with ComAve and AFC Ajax. This collaboration represents a significant achievement in LIX's journey within the ComAve ecosystem, reinforcing its mission to redefine fan engagement and commerce across the retail, restaurant, and hospitality sectors.

Rooted in the success of its deployment during the FIFA World Cup, the ComAve ecosystem aspires to be the premier global platform for fan engagement and shopping. With a premiership club and Series A team already leveraging the ecosystem to promote bespoke marketplaces for fans to buy retail items, merchandise, and food deliveries, the inclusion of AFC Ajax marks a pivotal expansion of the ecosystem's reach and influence.

Central to the ComAve ecosystem's success is LIX, which serves as both the loyalty program and data hub, offering fan engagement features, loyalty rewards, and discount coupons. The native utility token, LIXX, empowers ComAve users to earn rewards for online shopping, as well as for engaging with the clubs and brands within the platform.

Incorporating gamification and social media integrations, LIX actively builds fan participation, thereby enhancing the consumer experience and delivering measurable value to merchants within the ecosystem. With its utilization in world-renowned brands through the LIX application, the collaboration with high-profile football clubs like AFC Ajax is anticipated to significantly boost the token's utility.

Andrew Doxsey, Co-Founder of LIX, shared, "Securing AFC Ajax marks a significant milestone for the ComAve ecosystem and LIX’s potential as a leading loyalty program provider. Coupled with our involvement in the South American Football Championship fan zones this summer, we're gearing up for an incredibly exciting period ahead. These developments underline our commitment to enhancing the fan experience globally."

As LIX continues to expand through strategic collaborations with esteemed clubs and brands, it shows how blockchain projects can make transformative moves within mainstream industries. The partnership with AFC Ajax is a major stride towards realizing a future where the LIXX token is a central element of global brand loyalty.

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