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Local Lab Campaigns for Science-Backed Cannabis Policies, Business Practices Over the course of Fall 2022, MCR Labs will host discussions on legislation and industry standards based on scientific research and data.

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Local cannabis testing and research laboratory MCR Labs will be leading open discussions on how to better inform cannabis policies, legislature, and cultivation through the use of data and science.

As one of the first independent cannabis testing labs to be established in Massachusetts with the largest cannabis data set on the east coast, MCR Labs is uniquely positioned to guide these conversations.

MCR Labs will host several events centered around sensible policy-making and industry standards. The campaign will culminate with MCR’s annual Cannabis Science Fair, showcasing the latest exciting cannabis research and innovation.

“What we really need to get away from, especially on a legislative level, is allowing special interests and long-time stigmas to get in the way of sensible policy-making that protects consumers and patients,” said MCR Founder Michael Kahn. “It’s time objective data derived from sound science is used to inform this industry.”

The campaign, titled “Science Over Stigma,” is sponsored by Boston Cannabis Week, an organization that curates a week of events for cannabis professionals, consumers and industry innovators. Set in September, Boston Cannabis Week will feature Science Over Stigma’s kick-off event “Cannabis Through the Ages” on Monday, September 19. Learn more about the campaign and upcoming events here.


About MCR Labs: MCR Labs is one of the longest operational cannabis testing laboratories on the East coast with facilities operating in several legal cannabis markets. We are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited providers of analytical cannabis product testing and R&D services committed to assisting licensed marijuana establishments, patients, researchers, entrepreneurs, and advocates. Our team of chemists and pharmaceutical scientists are dedicated to advancing public health and safety through leading-edge chemical analysis of cannabis products and offering unparalleled guidance and support for partners, regulators, and the communities we serve. For more information visit http://mcrlabs.com.


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