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Low-Cost, High-reward: Uncovering Cryptocurrencies Under $1 with Massive Potential

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If you are looking for the best crypto investments in Q4 2023, penny tokens may be your perfect choice. Right now, investors are betting on a few of them, and the top three are BorroeFinance ($ROE), THORChain ($RUNE), and Polygon ($MATIC).

Let’s delve into experts’ forecasts and opinions on these three tokens.



  • BorroeFinance ($ROE) aims to solve the short-term funding problem in the web3 industry.

  • THORWallet DEX, an ecosystem project in THORChain ($RUNE), recently crossed the $200 million total trading volume milestone.

  • Blockchain experts back Polygon ($MATIC) 2030 tokenization projection.

BorroeFinance Brings Decentralized Fundraising to Web3 Businesses

 BorroeFinance is an AI-supported fundraising marketplace dedicated to helping web3 businesses and content creators generate instant cash on demand.

On BorroeFinance, web3 participants can mint their future digital earnings into trending NFTs and sell them to service short-term liquidity needs. These NFTs are sold at discounted prices to supportive communities on BorroeFinance.

Some advantages of using BorroeFinance include low transaction fees, a simple fee structure, and total cost transparency. BorroeFinance ($ROE) is in its second presale stage, and $ROE is selling for $0.015.

When presale stages conclude, $ROE will sell for $0.040 on major crypto exchanges and deliver a 167% surge to early investors. According to analysts, $ROE may likely record speedy adoption in the mainstream crypto market, and early BorroeFinance ($ROE) investors can make up to 1,000X on their initial investments.


THORChain ($RUNE) Stays Stable as THORWallet DEX Hits New Milestone

On October 14, 2023, the THORWallet decentralized exchange announced that it had crossed a total trading volume of $200 million.

After reports of unauthorized transfers on the THORChain ($RUNE) network on October 6, THORSwap DEX suspended crypto swaps while still providing liquidity and staking. After swaps resumed on October 12, THORChain ($RUNE) saw 79,740 unique addresses perform over 12 million transactions.

However, hitting this milestone did not trigger a price surge for THORChain ($RUNE). On October 11, THORChain ($RUNE) sold for $1.64. Seven days later, THORChain ($RUNE) lost 4.95% and traded for $1.56.

According to analysts, THORChain ($RUNE) will record moderate volatility in Q4 2023 unless influenced by unknown factors. Regardless, experts say THORChain ($RUNE) is still one of the best altcoins for long-term investment. Finally, let’s see if Polygon compares.

Polygon Leads the Way in Blockchain Tokenization Agenda

Polygon ($MATIC) recently released a report on tokenization and its potential effect on the financial markets. According to Polygon ($MATIC), ‘the tokenized market of financial and real-world assets is projected to climb over $4 trillion by 2030.’

Blockchain expert Collin Brown also backed up this claim by saying tokenization is happening now on Polygon ($MATIC).

Even though Polygon ($MATIC) is set to play a significant role in tokenization in the future, Polygon ($MATIC) has maintained a ranging price movement in the last weeks of 2023. On September 21, $MATIC traded at $0.5312. By October 18, $MATIC sold for $0.5154.

According to analysts, Polygon ($MATIC) may record a massive price surge in Q4 2023 if it upgrades its native token to $POL.

Learn more about BorroeFinance ($ROE) here:

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