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Magdalena Biosciences JV with Filament Health and Jaguar Health completes coca leaf import

News release by Filament Health Corp

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Filament Health CEO Ben Lightburn joined Steve Darling from Proactive to announce a significant development involving Magdalena Biosciences, a joint venture established by Filament Health and Jaguar Health.

The development pertains to the successful import of coca leaf to Filament's Metro Vancouver research and development facility. Lightburn explained that the import was authorized by the Peruvian Health Authority and was sourced from the only company in Peru authorized to collect, distribute, and export coca leaf and its derived products.

The imported coca leaves were received by Psilo Scientific, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Filament Health.

These coca leaves will be utilized for initial research purposes, focusing on exploring neuropsychiatric indications.

Magdalena Biosciences and Filament Health are currently in the process of seeking full compliance with the Nagoya Protocol in Peru. The Nagoya Protocol is an international agreement designed to ensure the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge held by indigenous and local communities.

This development highlights Filament Health's commitment to advancing its research initiatives and exploring the therapeutic potential of natural resources, while also ensuring compliance with international agreements and ethical considerations.

The research conducted through this joint venture has the potential to contribute valuable insights to the field of neuropsychiatric indications, ultimately benefiting patients and the broader healthcare industry.


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