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Markets Could Remain Volatile Throughout 2023 – FiscalNote’s (NYSE: NOTE) Frontier View Helps Navigate The Turbulence And Stay Ahead

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By Jad Malaeb, Benzinga

According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, December 2022 marked the end of the “worst quarter since 2009 barring lockdown months” in terms of global business activity. The observation also reflects in the broad investor sentiment one quarter into 2023 – one of slow growth and volatile markets.

The Standard & Poor 500 Index, a popular market proxy, began 2023 with a monthly rise of 6.18% in January. Since this encouraging start, however, the index has failed to maintain momentum, dropping 2.61% in February and gaining roughly 2% in March. The market teeters slightly above yearly highs while investors await the conclusion of a banking crisis triggered by Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse and rising interest rates driven by the Federal Reserve.

In markets like these, information and insight are crucial to spotting business threats and seizing rare opportunities. As a technology company specializing in the analysis and tracking of legislation and regulations in the U.S. and abroad, FiscalNote Holdings Inc. (NYSE: NOTE) is helping private businesses get the insight they need to survive and thrive in uncertain times.

FrontierView: A Tool To Navigate Market Uncertainty

FiscalNote has a suite of artificial intelligence and algorithmic data tracking services that help private and public organizations stay on top of macroeconomic trends, but perhaps the most relevant solution to today’s market uncertainty is FrontierView.

FrontierView is a market intelligence solution designed to support global business professionals in navigating a volatile market. With a team of award-winning analysts, FrontierView provides real-time insights, in-depth research and analytical tools to help businesses stay ahead of macroeconomic trends that may impact their industry. The solution offers an extensive archive of market intelligence, ranging from market reviews, regional outlooks, daily news analysis, data-rich insights, event recordings and presentation decks.

FrontierView's all-in-one platform provides clients with easy access to 80+ markets, key trends, up-to-date data forecasts and related research. By utilizing the "all content" search feature, clients can quickly find insights to drive their business decisions. The solution also aligns with clients' strategic priorities, providing objective market intelligence that can help harmonize information with a singular source integrated into their team's workflow. Clients can easily share content with stakeholders, anticipate risks and opportunities and align their teams with the solution's resources.

In today's rapidly changing market, FrontierView's solution can be crucial in helping businesses make informed decisions. With a renewal rate of 96% and a client base of 290 companies and 4,100 executives, FrontierView has proven to be a trusted source of market intelligence. Whether clients are C-suite executives, professionals in finance, strategy or market intelligence, FrontierView has a solution to support their growth initiatives.

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