Mass Megawatts Targets Solar Customers throughout the Northeast and its Solar Tracker’s Time of Use (TOU) Rates Advantages Become More Important When California’s NEM 3 Takes Effect Next Month | News Direct

Mass Megawatts Targets Solar Customers throughout the Northeast and its Solar Tracker’s Time of Use (TOU) Rates Advantages Become More Important When California’s NEM 3 Takes Effect Next Month

News release by Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc.

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 McapMediaWire -- Mass Megawatts (OTC: MMMW) reports that it has expanded its sales efforts to bring the most cost effective solar-power generation technology to the Northeastern United States. At the same time, solar trackers can be used as a tool to increase power output during “On Peak” Hours to avoid some of the battery storage cost related to the implementation of NEM 3 in California for new solar projects. Stationary solar power units generally produce most of their power output during off peak hour which is less valuable under California’s NEM 3 pricing guidelines which takes effect next month. Solar trackers have the advantage of increased power output in the late afternoon when electricity is more valuable with the solar trackers moving the solar panels to face directly into the sun throughout the day.

The company’s Solar Tracking System (STS) is designed to automatically adjust the position of solar panels to directly face the sun as it travels from East to West throughout the day. In addition, with the company’s latest design improvement, the tracking system will also adjust the panels based on the sun’s altitude each day. These adjustments increase the level of power generation by more than 40 percent while requiring less than a 10% increase in cost. Since electric utilities in California purchase the power generated during the peak time of the day at a higher rate under the time of use (TOU) program, most of the increased power generated by solar trackers are valued at a higher rate.

Stated another way, for an additional investment of less than 10 percent, you can achieve at least 40 percent more power generation with the STS as compared to a traditional, stationary-mount, solar-panel system. Depending on the location of the solar projects, The STS would utilize the same number of solar panels as the stationary unit but would produce forty or fifty percent more energy for the life of the unit. The generated electricity can be used for onsite consumption and/or income generation.

The STS significantly reduces the payback period for solar power investments. The technology is particularly well suited for commercial roof-top and ground-mount locations. Added government incentives, including tax credits and accelerated depreciation deductions, are also fueling the demand for solar investments.

Unlike other solar tracking technologies, the Mass Megawatts Solar Tracker utilizes a low-cost framework that adds stability to the overall system, while improving energy production levels. Due to this advantage, Mass Megawatts can deliver more solar power at a lower cost when compared to traditional, stationary systems.

Mass Megawatts recently announced a 20 percent improvement of the solar tracker power output with an innovative redesign of its patent pending solar tracker to maximize the albedo or solar reflection effect of receiving electric power

Output from the backside of solar panels that can accept solar rays from both sides of the solar panel. The cost saving improvement is possible since the patent pending solar tracker has the competitive advantage of using a low-cost method for protection against high wind and hurricane related events. The solar panels attached to the tracker platform would force the face of the panels to turn 90 degrees from the direction of the wind. The system allows a slip feature during high wind conditions. Once the wind returns to less dangerous levels, the tracker resumes its operations. The “yaw sideways” technique avoids the need for additional material and cost needed to protect against high wind events.

With its patent pending, Solar Tracking and Wind Electric Power Generation systems and very little debt, including no convertible notes or toxic debt, Mass Megawatts believes it is well positioned to expand production and meet its revenue generation goals in both the near and long terms. The company never had toxic debt since it was founded in 1997.

Mass Megawatts has less than 150 million shares issued and outstanding with a market capitalization under $2 million. Only about 80 million shares are in the free trading float. The other shares are restricted with most of the restricted stock is owned by the CEO who had not sold any shares since year 2013.

Mass Megawatts feels that their tracking technology provides a competitive advantage that will soon become a standard in the solar power industry. The company is continuing to plan for residential and commercial installations throughout the country.

The global demand for solar tracking is anticipated to grow from the current market size of $2 billion to more than $3 billion by 2025, with demand being fueled by the growing need for clean, renewable energy sources that reduce dependency on foreign energy sources. Mass Megawatts sees an opportunity to be leader in this industry by delivering a reliable, low-cost solution.

Product information and sales inquiries can be made through the company’s contact page at and the e-mail address on the Website.

This press release contains forward-looking statements that could be affected by risks and uncertainties. Among the factors that could cause actual events to differ materially from those indicated herein are: the failure of Mass Megawatts Wind Power (MMMW), also known as Mass Megawatts Windpower, to achieve or maintain necessary zoning approvals with respect to the location of its power developments; the ability to remain competitive; to finance the marketing and sales of its electricity; general economic conditions; and other risk factors detailed in periodic reports filed by Mass Megawatts Wind Power (MMMW).


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