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Massachusetts Sports Betting - Best Sportsbook Apps Just in time for the start of March Madness, online sports betting in Massachusetts is set to launch on March 10, 2023!

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Bettors in Massachusetts can get excited about online and mobile sports betting in the state! As of March 10, 2023, the state will allow online betting. Players can access their favorite sports betting markets and bet on their winning teams to win fantastic rewards. Some of the best betting apps, including Fanduel, Draftkings and BetMGM, are offering pre-launch promotions!

Some fan-favorite betting markets to look out for upon the legalization of sports betting are NHL, Golf and NBA, where players can place their bets on the sports. With the popularity of mobile betting increasing, as seen with the popularity of new Ohio sportsbooks betting apps, our top sports betting sites are here to provide high-quality apps. Try out some of the best betting apps listed in this article, ready for the launch of sports betting in Massachusetts.


Best Massachusetts Sports Betting Apps and Bonuses


  1.  Fanduel 

  2.  Draftkings 

  3.  BetMGM 

  4.  Betrivers 

  5.  Pointsbet 


MA customers must be 21+ and present within the state to place bets. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-327-5050


Best MA Betting Apps and Bonuses

  1.  Fanduel 

Fanduel is one of the best betting sites for sports out there and provides its users with a high-quality experience. The site offers a fantastic customer support service to help with any player queries and a range of bonuses and promotions to give players a chance to win some brilliant rewards. Other advantages to the Fanduel site include its range of betting markets compared to other sportsbooks and live player prop stats with real-time results.

There are some limitations to the site, however. These are the need for loyalty programs for dedicated players and geolocation problems on the desktop site. Despite these limitations, Fanduel is still an excellent site to place bets.

  1.  Draftkings 

Players looking for a rewarding site with a range of games have come to the right place. Draftkings is a fantastic destination for players to place bets on their favorite sports markets and potentially receive some brilliant rewards. Additionally, Draftkings has a high-quality mobile app for users who prefer to play on the go that offers the same brilliant range of bonuses and games that you would find on the desktop site.

A drawback of Draftkings is the high rollover that comes with bonus funds, and this refers to the wagering requirement attached to a bonus where bettors must wager their funds several times. Despite this, Draftkings is a brilliant site.

  1.  BetMGM 

As one of the most popular sites in the USA, BetMGM shows this title through its high-quality software and the vast range of bonuses and promotions to potentially reward users. Aside from providing top bonus offers, BetMGM holds a competitive rewards program where loyal players can be rewarded when they play on the site. Furthermore, the site has live betting options for interested players.

The site has limitations. There are low max bets on odds and average withdrawal speed, and they also have an average withdrawal speed.

  1.  Betrivers 

The Betrivers site is well-established within the online casino world. They offer excellent bonuses and games to suit and reward players. For users who prefer to play on the go, Betrivers has an award-winning mobile app with the same brilliant features as the desktop in a more convenient version. They also offer a brilliant customer support service and a rewards program for those loyal players.

Betrivers have a few limitations, such as the outdated look of the website and app compared to other sites and better offers elsewhere. Despite this, players should give Betrivers a go and place their bets.

  1.  Pointsbet 

This rewarding betting site is suitable for all players, new or experienced, and provides a fun and high-quality gaming experience. Pointsbet is highly rated for many qualities, including its fast payouts of funds and winnings and the brilliant bonuses and promotions. Users can receive some big rewards whilst betting on their favorite markets. As well as this, the site is easy to navigate with fantastic imagery enticing users.

The site has limitations. Pointsbet offers some excellent bonuses, but users could find better sites. Pointsbet is only available in a few states, meaning it does not apply to all players. Aside from this, Pointsbet is an excellent site to place your bets.


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When will betting be legal in Massachusetts?

The legalization of online and mobile sports betting in Massachusetts has been eagerly awaited for some time now. Bettors can finally get excited with the launch date soon approaching in the coming week. As of March 10, online sports betting and mobile betting will be legal. Retail sports betting was launched in January this year, so players can finally enjoy these sports markets online.

Some brilliant sites such as Pointsbet, Draftkings and Fanduel offer sports betting in Massachusetts as of March 10, and users can look forward to a brilliant range of games and bonuses to celebrate the launch. Some sites are even offering some pre-launch offers, so keep an eye out and count down the days til the legalization of sports betting in the state!


History of Sports Betting in MA

The status of legalizing online sports betting in Massachusetts has been a journey, with many previous events leading up to the launch date, which is predicted to be March 10, 2023. In January of this year, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission reviewed six applicant sites for sports betting in the state. These included Betway and Draftkings. At the end of the month, five sports book applicants and professional drafts, such as the NFL MVP, were accepted to be a part of the better options on the site.

As of January 31, 2023, retail sports betting was legalized in Massachusetts. Then, on February 9, the director of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission proposed March 10 as the potential launch date for online sports betting in the state. Fans eagerly await placing bets on their favorite sites, with the date soon approaching. Keep an eye out for the launch of online sports betting in Massachusetts!


Popular Sports to bet on in MA


The NHL, also known as the National Hockey League, is a massive sport in America with a large fan following. The sport also offers rewarding betting opportunities through brilliant sites like Betrivers and Fanduel. With 32 teams within the NHL, Massachusetts has fantastic teams that players will no doubt favor. The Boston Bruins are a star team with great success and is a great team to place your bets on. Bettors of the NHL should wager on a spread or moneyline as the game often comes down to a single goal.


The NFL is one of the most popular sports in the US, with a huge following and history behind the sport. With teams coming from every state, users have many betting opportunities. Bettors in Massachusetts will favor the New England Patriots, a well-established team in the NFL with great success over the years. The NFL is an excellent sport to place bets on, as there are various opportunities due to their scoring system. Some brilliant sites that users can place their bets through are BetMGM and Fanduel.


The National Basketball Association is extremely popular in the USA and is a great sports market for players to place their bets. This sport is also great for betting due to its point-scoring system and how often the score changes throughout an NBA game. Massachusetts own Boston Celtics are the team players will favor and should place their bets on. Some brilliant sites players can place their bets through include Fanduel, Pointsbet and Draftkings.


The MLB, also known as Major League Baseball, is favored by many bettors and fans of the sport. Players can win brilliant rewards when placing their bets on the MLB through fantastic sites like Pointsbet and BetMGM. Massachusetts bettors will undoubtedly place their bets on the state teams, the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Braves. Both teams are well-established and have seen some great successes in the past. Baseball does see fewer betting opportunities than other sports, and therefore users should wager on money lines or spreads known as the run line in baseball.


What Makes a Good MA Sports Betting App?

With so many sites offering brilliant sports betting apps, it can be challenging for players to choose the right one. Some qualities to look out for when choosing your preferred app are the site's licensing and range of bonuses and promotions. Listed below are some features to keep in mind.

Licensing and Authority

Players should ensure the site has adequate licensing and authority when looking for a good and reliable Massachusetts sports betting app. This is important as a site's licensing proves it has met all requirements to be an authorized casino site and app. This is necessary for users to ensure their funds and information are protected when playing at their chosen site. Some necessary licenses to look out for are from the Massachusetts Gaming Authority, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Always check this before participating in any bonuses or claiming at a site.

Range of Bonuses

A range of bonuses at a site will improve a user's experience. Not only will it provide more opportunities for a user to be rewarded with good prizes, but it also means there is a bonus suited to everyone. Some of the bonuses that can be found on a good sports betting app include no deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses and free spins. It is best to look for bonuses with little to no wagering requirements, so players get the best offer possible. Some sites that offer a great range of bonuses are BetMGM and Draftkings.

Mobile Compatibility

This may seem obvious however, mobile compatibility is a huge factor to look for when finding the best sports betting app. Sites that do not offer mobile compatibility will be far less popular as users are starting to favor gaming on the go with their mobile devices more than on desktops. Good betting apps will be compatible with both IOS and Android devices, so they apply to all users. Mobile sports betting in Massachusetts is soon to be legalized, and therefore bettors can enjoy all the great bonuses and games found on the site through the convenience of their mobile devices.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of a sports betting site and app are the most popular aspects to look out for when choosing where to place your next bet. When signing up for an app or claiming bonuses, users are required to enter personal information often. This can include full name, address and bank details. Casino apps and sites will utilize 128-bit SSL encryption to protect customer data and prevent leaks. Another aspect to look for when playing safely is site certification. This shows that the site has met all requirements to be valid.

Range of Payment Methods

Providing a range of payment methods is crucial to ensure all users can take part and claim bonuses from a site or app. A vast range of methods will suit every player and ensure they make deposits and withdrawals safely with the recommended methods. Some recommended online and mobile-compatible payment methods include PayPal, Skrill and Pay by phone. Make sure to check the site's accepted payment methods before taking part.


How to Download MA Betting Apps


Downloading Massachusetts sports betting apps onto your iOS device only requires a few simple steps. Follow this guide below to get started:

  • Begin by choosing your betting apps from one of our recommended sports betting sites in the app store, including Fanduel, Draftkings and BetMGM

  • Press ‘install’ to begin downloading your chosen app instantly

  • Once the app is installed, open the app and complete registration. This may require you to enter personal information such as full name and address

  • Once the app is set up, you may bet on your favorite sports markets, including Basketball, Football and Hockey. Ensure you are meeting all wagering requirements


Downloading any Massachusetts sports betting apps on your android device could not be easier, only requiring a few simple steps. Follow the easy guide below:

  • Choose your betting app in Google Play from our selection of fantastic sports betting sites, including Pointsbet and Betrivers

  • Press ‘download’ to begin installing the app

  • Once the app is installed, register for the app by entering details such as full name and address

  • You can now begin placing your bets on your favorite markets, including NFL, Golf and Basketball


Conclusion: Best MA Sports Betting Apps

The legalization of online and mobile sports betting in Massachusetts is around the corner, so players can get excited to place their bets on various sports markets and potentially win some great prizes. The proposed date for the launch of online sports betting is March 10, 2023, as well as mobile betting. Playing on the go is the preferred method for most players, and top sites such as Fanduel and BetMGM offer some award-winning sports betting apps.

With various betting markets, including the NFL and NHL and rewarding bonuses, Massachusetts bettors can now enjoy sports betting online and on their mobile devices. Check out our recommended sites when placing bets on your favorite sports markets!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the legal status of sports betting in MA?

Currently, retail sports betting is legal however, online and mobile sports betting is set to be legalized on March 10, 2023. After this date, players can legally participate in sports betting online and on mobile devices.

What’s the best betting app for MA customers?

All sites listed in this article have brilliant sports betting apps with excellent qualities, however, Fandel is the best sports betting app for Massachusetts customers, in our opinion. This is down to its excellent range of games and bonuses and high-quality software.

What’s the legal status of betting in Massachusetts?

Betting is entirely legal in Massachusetts, including retail sports betting. It is just online and mobile sports betting that is currently illegal, and this will soon be legalized on March 10, 2023.

What’s the legal betting age in Massachusetts?

The current legal betting age in Massachusetts is 21 years or older.

Can I bet on mobile in MA?

Participating in mobile or online sports betting in Massachusetts is currently illegal. However, it will soon be legalized on March 10, 2023.


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