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MEDIA ADVISORY: AL DIA Foundation’s VARELA Fellowship Reception Honors Excellence and Recognizes Top Bilingual and Multicultural Journalists – Al Dia Foundation recognizes the dedication, passion, and resilience of journalists who have paved the way and continue to inspire future generations –

News release by AL Día Foundation

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An unforgettable evening celebrating journalistic excellence at the “Felix Varela Fellowship Reception,” hosted by the AL DIA Foundation. This induction ceremony will honor the best and brightest bilingual and multicultural entrepreneurial journalists from around the nation, highlighting their remarkable achievements and contributions to the field.


Experience this prestigious event at the historic Yale Club of New York –Trumbull Room 18th Floor– located at 50 Vanderbilt Ave (on the corner of 44th Street across from the western entrance of Grand Central Terminal), during the 2023 Pennsylvania Society on December 2, 2023. The Yale Club’s distinguished atmosphere will serve as the perfect backdrop for an evening dedicated to recognizing outstanding journalists.


An inspiring celebration of past, present, and future journalists. This exclusive event promises to be a memorable occasion during the PA Society Weekend on December 2, 2023, from 2 pm to 4 pm (By invitation Only)


The AL DIA Foundation’s Félix VARELA Media Biz Leader Fellowship is a transformative opportunity for aspiring journalists, offering a unique two-year fellowship/apprenticeship program designed to cultivate excellence in media professionals. This immersive experience goes beyond conventional journalism education by providing six exceptional individuals with a comprehensive 360-degree approach to learning all the aspects of this exceptional career.

The first year of the fellowship involves a remote curriculum, allowing fellows to engage with cutting-edge concepts and industry practices from the comfort of their own spaces. In the second year, the program transitions to a hybrid model, seamlessly blending remote and in-person experiences to further enhance skill development and foster a hands-on understanding of the dynamic field of journalism.

This fellowship is not just a learning opportunity; it’s a commitment to shaping the future of journalism by empowering talented individuals with the skills and knowledge needed for success in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

The Felix Varela Fellowship Reception is a celebration of diversity and inclusion in journalism. As we gather to honor the upcoming Felix Varela Fellowship Recipients, we are thrilled to bestow medals upon these talented individuals.



About Al Dia News

AL DIA News Media is a bilingual news organization founded on the mission to portray Americans of Latino descent accurately. Over the past 25 years, AL DIA has developed into a multimedia news organization that offers the best of the Latino American experience by implementing content initiatives and programs.


About Al Dia Foundation

The AL DIA Education Foundation was established in 2010 by the staff of AL DIA News that saw an opportunity to offer the company's unique journalistic and business expertise to help colleges and universities attract, retain and further train new students from the Latino and other under-represented communities in our unique multimedia, multicultural, multilingual and entrepreneurial journalism practice. Through the Foundation, we are now taking this effort to the next level, creating a unique ecosystem to continually help Latinos and young professionals of all backgrounds start careers in journalism, new media and media business management.


We now want to multiply the model in partnership with educational institutions truly interested in working towards this common purpose of diversifying the voices in the media by empowering this new generation of diverse graduates, and include the American Latino Experience as part of U.S. Journalism in the 21st Century.


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