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Medicus Pharma sees appointment of Dr Huma Qamar as key to company’s future

News release by Medicus Pharma

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In an exclusive interview with Dr Huma Qamar, chief scientific officer for Medicus Pharma Ltd, exciting developments in skincare and oncology are discussed.

Dr Qamar shares her passion for addressing unmet medical needs, particularly in the field of basal cell carcinoma.

The focus is on SkinJet, a flagship company acquired by Medicus Pharma, utilizing revolutionary microarray needles. The needles, transdermally delivering the chemotherapeutic agent doxorubicin, show promising data in preventing relapse and remission of basal cell carcinoma.

Looking ahead, Dr Qamar outlines the company's goals for 2024, emphasizing the resumption of clinical development activities and recruitment efforts. The aim is to complete the phase two trial and present promising data.

Dr Qamar, driven by a dedication to oncology and patient well-being, discusses the emotional impact of cancer and the hope that Medicus Pharma's contributions will bring positive changes to the lives of patients.



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